Understanding the New 2023 SEER Rating

Big changes take place on January 1st in 2023 for the residential air conditioning and the heat pumps products. On this date, minimum SEER ratings and their testing requirements are totally changed and this change affects the most of the HVAC equipment’s. Is your business of HVAC aware of all such updates or not?

new 2023 SEER Rating

Well, I know this is very intimidating for you. You need not, however, endure any stress. We are here to provide you each and every key resource through this way you aware of all the things and know very well the ways to maintain compliance.

What is SEER Rating?

Basically as I mentioned earlier that SEER RATING stands for (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which normally measures the efficiency of your air conditioners. This Rating will be calculated by dividing the total cooling amount with the total input of electricity over a normal cooling season.

Units with the higher SEER Rating gives you very less energy bills and have great efficiency. Maximum SEER Rating achieved when your air conditioning unit working on the peak of its efficiency. Just like a car will get the few gallons of the gas per miles during the city driving instead of driving on the highway same like SEER Rating of the air conditioner might be less under some certain conditions.

Energy Guide

Central air conditioner SEER ranges from (13-25), here 13 is the least efficiency rating and 25 is the highest efficiency rating.

Which rules and regulations are being modified:

Well, the Department of Energy which is also called DOE declared new rules and regulations which entered into force in the early 2023. Such new regulations are normally called as SEER rating 2 which is basically the acronym of latest (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).

Now, minimum efficiency is increased to 8 to 10%. It means that, if we go with rough estimate 70% of the current products are failed to meet with the new regulations requirements. Also, it means that all the current equipment’s required retesting and rerating.

Well, here one question arises that why basically all such changes happens?

All such changes happen because our previous systems are not performing well. Old systems are consuming more energy and having less efficiency. So that’s why new regulations are being introduced.

Now, through such efficiency updates your system will need less energy. In result, you will see a major decrease in the energy cost and its life span increases and all happens due to new SEER Rating.

Minimum Efficiency Standards of SEER Rating in 2023:

In the year of 1992, the Department of Energy (DOE) declared the minimum efficiency standard for the air conditioners which is manufactured in the United States. Its clear that all the new air conditioners must have minimum 10 SEER Rating which afterwards increased to 10 to 13 in the year of 2006.

But in the year of 2015, DOE again changes the standards of efficiency. Now, country is divided in the three geographical regions like North, south and in southwest.

minimum efficiency standard

Minimum rating for North remains stayed on the 13 SEER, but for the south and southwest states that SEER increases like 13 to 14.

But in the year of 2023, again standards of efficiency changed. Now, for the north SEER changes to 14 and for the south and southwest the SEER changes to 15.

Important notice

Heat pumps efficiency increases through nationwide but split system air- conditioners increases through regional.

We mentioned a table in which describe all the changes through nationwide and regionally. This table include:

  • Residential Split Systems Air-Conditioners.
  • Residential Single Packaged Air-Conditioners.
  • Split Systems and the packaged heat pumps system.
Compliance DeadlineManufacturing DateManufacturing DateManufacturing Date
Inventory ManagementBefore January 1st 2023, any not in compliance equipment made can be placed and sold.Before 1st January, 2023, all the non-compliant equipment’s needs to be sold for setting up, or it needs to go to the Northern areas for the installation purpose.Before 1st January , 2023, all the non-compliant equipment’s needs to be sold for setting up, or it needs to go to the Northern areas for the installation purpose.
Split Air conditioner system with the certified cooling capacity <45000 BTU/hHaving SEER-2 rating of 13.4Having SEER-2 rating of 14.314.3 SEER2 / 11.7 EER2** (**9.8 EER2 if ≥ 15.2 SEER2)
Split Air conditioner system with the certified cooling capacity <45000 BTU/hHaving SEER-2 rating of 13.4Having SEER-2 rating of 13.813.8 SEER2 / 11.2 EER2** (**9.8 EER2 if≥ 15.2 SEER2)
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Residential Single Package Air Conditioners

Nationwide (North + South Regions)Southwest Region
13.4 SEER213.4 SEER2 / 10.6 EER2

Split System and Packaged Heat Pump Systems – Nationwide Standard for All States

Compliance DeadlinesManufacturing Date
Inventory DeadlinesAny non compliant equipment manufactured prior to January 1, 2023 can be sold and installed
Split System Heat Pumps (any size)14.3 SEER2 and 7.5 HSPF2
Single Package Heat Pumps13.4 SEER2 and 6.7 HSPF2 (This is not an efficiency increase)

SEER-Rating chart:

When you upgrade your system from the less efficient to high efficient system then it will save your energy cost. Let’s discuss and example for clear understanding. If your present system is more than 10 years old, then it means that it’s SEER is lower than 13.

Compare your old 13 SEER unit annual bill with that higher new SEER system bill. If the annual bill of 3 tones system with 13 SEER is $482 then modern system with the 18 SEER cost only $348 and you have annual 28% savings.

Below mentioned chart shows the savings just because of changes SEER efficiency based on 1320 hours of cooling with the 13.8 cents kwh is the average in United States.

SEER Rating Chart

Sell according to the requirements:

There’s a slightly difference between North and south regions of United states. For the air conditioners and heating pump or SPP, manufacturing date is use as a compliance.

Well, for that air conditioners which are placed in the southern regions have some exception. In the south region, compliances are usually determined by the installation date.

Let’s take an example of New York which is in North region, dealer in the United States install the air conditioner in the year of 2023 after 1st January only if it is compatible with the regulations at the time of manufacture.

But it’s not same for the south-west and south region. Here the system must compatible with the regulations of 2023. Even the system is produced before the year of 2023.

Testing Requirements of new 2023:

Along with the new equipment’s, in the year of 2023 the testing requirements are also changed for the HVAC systems. Basically, manufacturers modified the system designs in order to meet the new 2023 regulations.

There are various new procedures of SEER 2 through which you will know the external conditions in a better way. In this new procedure ductwork and the static pressure are included which is not included in the previous testing procedures.

Heat pumps:

While the heating pumps having the nationwide standards of the 15 SEER, also there’s a changes happens in the energy efficiency test for the heating pumps. Current nationwide heating pumps test for the SEER and EER also HSPF is the 0.1 ESP.

But the new nationwide heating pump test for the SEER2 and EER2 also HSPF2 efficiency increased to 0.5 ESP. It’s important for the HVAC technicians to note all such changes in order to compliant with the new SEER2 regulations in 2023.

Air conditioning unit, Single Packaged systems and Mini-Split units:

It’s necessary for the single packaged systems/units and for the air conditioning units must have to fulfil the requirements of SEER2, it must have to cooperate with the regional minimum efficiency and testing just to meet with new SEER2 Rating.

For the north states, all the air conditioners must have to meet with the minimum new 2023 SEER Rating of 14. In the south-East and South-West, minimum efficiency depends upon the size of your unit. Units which are rated less than the 45000 BTU must having a SEER rating of 15. While units which are rates more than the 45000 BTU, must have a minimum SEER rating of 14.5.

Increase in Prices:

Now, you are thinking that if you need latest Equipment’s, then you will see a major increase in the new equipment prices.

When the new HVAC regulation are published and successfully implemented then the new costs are passed on-to the consumers. You will see a 15 to 20% increase in the new equipment prices.

If you wanted how to sell new equipment’s to the customers, then you have a very best selling points. 2023 new regulations make your air conditioner more efficient. Because according to new regulations your unit consume less energy and increase the saving costs of your customers.

So, your customers basically pay the more upfront costs. But the energy saving costs full fill the upfront cost. Plus, the new equipment’s is better for environment.

Keeping with the new 2023 SEER Rating:

Now, you are aware of all the recent updates in which minimum SEER Rating is included. Well, the 2023 regulations are very simple and straightforward and the equipment manufacturers starts working on the equipment updates in order to ensure the compliance.

You have to make sure that all your team must aware of such details and updates. You must have to tell all the update to your customers in case If your customer wants to replace the old equipment.


Well, you have to consider one SEER Rating epically when you are going to purchase the new air conditioners. However, it’s not necessary that high SEER Rating is a better choice. Various other factors are also considered in order to get the best version of your air conditioner.

The 2nd major factor which you have to consider is climate in which you are living. Such house owners who are living in the hot climate then they have to consider high efficiency air conditioners. Everyone get the benefits of the energy saving cost and its comfort from the two stage efficient air conditioners. If your system is 10 years old, then still you will get the benefits from the basic and single stage 14 SEER unit. Also, read more articles if you want to learn more about HVAC systems. Some articles are mentioned below:

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