Furnace Maintenance Checklist

If you want to increase your furnace life span and make your furnace running smoothly and effectively, then you have to do your annual furnace maintenance checklist. Because this thing will save your money in the long run. There are numerous easy actions homeowners may do to get their furnace ready for the upcoming winter weather.

Nonetheless, there are some maintenance tasks that call for expert assistance. So, if you want to keep your furnace like a pro then you have to follow such 12 steps which is mentioned below:

furnace maintenance checklist

Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist:

Inspect the Heat Exchanger:

If you see any cracks on your heater exchanger, then you have to maintain or replace your furnace heat exchanger. Because this device transfers the air that heated in your furnace combustion chamber to the ductwork. So, it’s necessary for you to do a proper maintenance of heat exchanger.

Replace the air filter of furnace:

Replacing the air filters of furnace is necessary. You have to check the air filter every month, if you see dirt and debris on the air filters, then you have to clean your furnace air filters. Because if you leave your air filters unchecked, then your furnace work harder in order to prevent the dust particles from entering into the air. Also read: Which way does air flow in furnace?

Dust particles and other contaminants is harmful for your health, because it causes very serious allergies to those peoples who are living in the house. Accumulation of dust, debris, pollen and other contaminants increases the overall cost of maintenance.

furnace air filters in furnace maintenance checklist

Check Blower Motor Belt:

Professional HVAC Technicians check the furnace blower motor that it’s working accurately or not. Blower motor is used to transfer the warm air towards your house that’s why its necessary component in the annual furnace maintenance checklist. Technician check that the belt of furnace blower motor is fine or worn out. If the belt is worn out or damaged, then they replace it with the new one. Also Read: Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Lubricant the Furnace Bearings:

You don’t have to worry about new blower motors because in new modern units pre-lubricated and sealed blower motor. But some motors have oil opening which is present near the motor shaft. You have to oil the motor once in a year, if the motors have oil ports. If the motor contains grease cups, then you have to fill them with the bearing lubricant after removing the screws cover which cover the grease cups.

Inspect your furnace thermostat:

Sometimes the thermostat is not working fine. So, you have to check your thermostat if the temperature of the thermostat is changed suddenly and decreases your household comfort. It means that any part of the thermostat malfunctioning. So, the solution of this problem is, you have to change the thermostat or sometimes you have to change the whole unit altogether. Also Read: Why Does my Thermostat say Heat On but No Heat?

Clean your House Humidifiers:

If you don’t know about humidifiers, then for your information humidifier is a device which emits the moisture from air of your house and faster the process of heating to your house. If you already know what is humidifier and you are using it, then you to keep your humidifier clean. Also Read: What is the Ideal Humidity Level for Your House and How You Control It?

humidifier in furnace maintenance checklist

Inspect your chimney and Vents:

Also, you have to clean the chimney and vents once in a year. If the dust and debris is accumulated in the chimney and vents. In order to avoid any risks of fire, keep your chimney and vents always clean.

Clean your flame Sensors:

Well, the flame sensor basically detects the flame when the valve of gas is opened. So, flame sensor gives up after 3 simple attempts and machine locked in order to prevent any damage. Sometimes the flame sensor need little bit cleanliness but sometimes, the alarm of flame sensor immediately starts after the turning on of furnace. Also Read: How to light a furnace pilot light?

Clean Minimum Space Around the Outdoor units:

Basically, the furnace uses the outdoor unit in order to bring the air inside the system. So, it’s very important for you to keep the space clean from the objects, dust and vegetation around the outdoor units. Because through this, it allows larger the outdoor unit to get most of the air inside the system.

Seal All the Leakage:

Any leakage in the house escape all the warm air and cold air starts getting in. This thing wastes all the air which the furnace has heated and also it increases the heating process of your house. So, you have to close all the leakages in order to prevent any leakage.

Seal the air leakage in furnace maintenance checklist

CO Detector:

Just like the name of it, CO Detector basically detects carbon mono-oxide inside your furnace. Because it’s very harmful for you, because 500 annual deaths and 1500 annual visits in emergency department due to carbon mono-oxide is reported. If it consumed in a large amount in your unit. Check the device batteries that if it working properly or not.

CO Detector in Furnace Maintenance Checklist


Now, you know the furnace maintenance checklist. There is some task which you can easily do it by yourself but for some tasks you have to hire a professional because it’s very tough and technical work. One of the most complex systems in your house is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

The municipal or state governments require licenses for providers of heating and air conditioning services. To confirm the legitimacy of the company, get references and do a double check with the local licensing authority. You have to change or clean your filter regularly after the one month especially when you see dust or debris.

Because, if the air filter is dirty and clogged with pollen and dust, then many pollutants start entering in the air. You know Maintenance plays and important role in increasing the life span of your unit. So, do the regular maintenance of your unit once in a year.

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