Do Ductless Bathroom Fans Remove Moisture?

Well, there are many rooms in your house but you know that one room which has a large amount moisture in all of your house rooms.

Ductless Bathroom Fans

The room which has large amount moisture instead of all other rooms is bathroom and if you are having smaller space, it means that you are not having traditional ductwork but having ductless bathroom fans.

And if you are not having such ductless bathroom fans, then don’t worry about anything, we are going to tell you each and everything about ductless fans like what actually they do? and what are the benefits from ductless bathroom fans? and Are they really remove moisture from air or not.

What Are Ductless Bathroom Fans?

Basically, ductless bathroom fans work in a similar way like a exhaust fans which is normally installed on the ceilings. But it is not connected with your HVAC ductwork. From the ceiling they ductless bathroom fans normally use charcoal in order to weed out all the respiratory irritants from the air. Before circulation of air back into your bathroom.

Well, you will find ductless bathroom fans in the bathroom where tubs and showers are not present. But for keeping up to the building code. You must have a window because fan doing its job in a good way in order to keep your whole environment comfortable but you know window helps the fan in removing the moisture from air.

Because window play a vital role in maintaining moisture free atmosphere. Also, there are many products through which you can easily remove moisture from the house rooms. Which we will discussed later in this article.

How Much Does a Cost of Ductless Fan?

Well, the price ranges of ductless fans from $20 to $1000, basically price varies on the Behalf of size and capabilities which you want according to your needs.

Plus, the electrician cost is also included in the overall cost. Normally, the average cost of electrician is $360 for just one project. But you the cost varies according to work. If you call professional on weekends or on holidays,

cost of ductless bathroom fans

then the cost will be different and I will tell this average value is just and estimated average value but every electrician has its own rate list. So, before selection, contact with every electrician near you and choose one from that list which is best according to your budget and requirements.

How Do Ductless Fans Work?

There is so much moisture in the bathroom that’s why you need something in order to remove moisture, odor, and mold growth. So, you have to use ductless bathroom fan which is normally placed above the toilet and sink. In order to use the exhaust fan, you have to turn the switch on similar just like the way you turn on the light in your room.

What is an Exhaust Fan? and How It’s Actually Work?

Basically, the exhaust fan is responsible to extract all the air out of the house through ductwork. Through this way, it removes odor, moisture and all other air particles which is normally present inside the room. But, you know that in small houses, there might be no big room to install ductwork that’s why you need something in order to remove mold growth. That is why ductless bathroom fans take place.

Do Ductless Bathroom Fans Are Able to Remove Moisture?

Well, as I discussed earlier in this article that ductless bathroom fan remove odor from air but they are not able to reduce or remove the moisture from the air by itself. That is why you need a window according to building code state it helps you in removing moisture. Means, if you keep your window open through this all the moist and warm air travels out from the bathroom air.

Also, it’s totally different system regarding your HVAC system because HVAC system remove warm air through ductwork and after that the warm air moves into the system where all the warm molecule will be replaced with the cold and after reconditioning, the air will be transferred to your house.

Moisture by Ductless Bathroom Fans

But here all such work is done by the window or door, when you are ductless bathroom fan in your house.

How to Remove Moisture from the Air?

You can easily remove moisture from the air with the help of different products. If the moisture increase above 60%, then you will face many problems like it will damage the bathroom structure and many respiratory problems just because of mold growth.

Basically, excess amount of water and moisture damages your wall, vanities, doors and much more things. That’s why you have to do all such things through which you can easily reduce moisture from the air of the bathroom. By using ductless fans, you have to follow all such things which are mentioned below:

Install Dehumidifiers:

Generally, working of dehumidifiers is that they extract the vapors from hot air and turn them into the liquid. Plus, with the help of ductless fans, you are able to keep the moisture at very low level.

Convert to whole house fan:

If you are going to add tub and shower in the existing ductwork and If you are going to do a complete overhaul, have a complete whole house fan system installed. By doing this, all the air is travelling from the ductwork to the furnace System or through vents to your air conditioning system but here is one thing which I have to tell you that you have to keep remember one thing that clean your ductwork once in a five years and the average cost of cleaning ductwork is $375 dollars.

Are Ductless or vent less bathroom fans worth it?

Well, if you are having small space half bath and half makeup room, then this ductless fan helps you in removing different worst and stinky odors and keep your whole room air fresh. Specially, if you are not having exhaust fan and window in your bathroom, then you will need a dehumidifier for removing moisture.

In this case, if your building is new and you are thinking about remodeling it, then I recommend you to go with ducted exhaust fan because its best for the circulation of the air. But if you are having window and small space, then ductless fan is the best option.  Before taking any final action, always be sure to check with the municipality requirements about exhaust fans.

Benefits of Ductless Bathroom Fan:

There are various benefits of using ductless bathroom fan. Some of benefits are listed below:

Budget Friendly Installation:

Ductless fans are very budget friendly because if you choose whole house fans, then you will see that cost of whole house fans are much higher instead of ductless bathroom fan. Because ductless bathroom fan is not very expensive and you don’t spend so much money on its maintenance.

Mold Growth:

Basically, when you are having a constant air flow in your bathroom, then this thing will help you in reducing mold growth. Plus, if you are having window in your bathroom, then you are also able to remove moisture very easily.

Clean Air:

Well, the ductless bathroom fans remove mold growth, odor, respiratory irritants, moisture and various other smells which is coming from the cleaning products with the help of charcoal filter which extract air. In simple words, it keeps you air clean that’s why it is beneficial for you.

Comfortable Environments:

Basically, constant air flow keeps your bathroom air clean through which you will feel much more comfortable and inviting.

Hire a professional:

HVAC technicians helps you in maintaining the moisture level low with reducing energy usage. They know how to troubleshoot problems like how to stop condensation on the air vents. Plus, the professional ductwork installer helps you in designing the ductwork that how you can hide ductwork. So, hiring a professional help you in various ways. I recommend you to hire a professional, if you want all the things working in best way.

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