Why Does My Air Conditioner Suddenly Turn Off After About 15 Minutes?

If your air conditioner running smoothly after turning on, but after 10 to 15 minutes your air conditioner suddenly stop working and you are facing this issue every single time, then it means that your unit is short cycling.

air conditioner keeps shutting off

Well short cycling issue can be solved very easily and also there are things which you can yourself very easily, but if your air conditioner blowing hot and warm air instead of cold air. Then, it means that there might be very serious problem in your air conditioner. Professional Technicians helps you in solving every issue related to air conditioner no matter it might be big issue or small.

What is My Air Conditioner Keeps Shutting off? And What is Short Cycling?

Basically, Short cycling is used as a term in HVAC which indicates that the unit is turning on and off frequently and when the heating and cooling cycle shuts down prematurely. Specifically, air conditioning units is said to be short cycling when the air conditioning unit is turning on and off before providing the cool environment according to your desired temperature.

Why Short cycling is problematic?

Short cycling is problem because you will face high energy bills and unwanted wear and tear on your HVAC systems. In order to keep your air conditioner healthy a running smoothly, do a proper maintenance of your ac unit.

air conditioner keeps shutting off why

Reasons of Air Conditioner keeps Shutting off?

There are many reasons like Defective parts and it happens due to dirty and poorly maintained unit or due to faulty of ac components. Reasons of short cycling through which your air conditioner keeps shutting off are described below:

Dirty Air Filters:

Air filters plays an important role in the air conditioning unit. If you leave your ac air filters unchecked for a long time, then you will face issue like your air conditioner keeps shutting off repeatedly. So, you have to clean your air conditioners filters at least once in a month. Because if you are not changing your air filters then you will see that as time passes air filter is chocked with dust and dander which restrict the flow of air and that will be reason of short cycling in air conditioner. So clean your air conditioning unit.

Dirty Condenser Coils:

Normally, condenser coils are placed out of the house because condenser coils are in the outside unit which releases the hot air out of house in the summer. Outside unit is placed on the concrete slab, with the fan like fins on the top of this unit.

So, when you are not doing proper maintenance of your unit, then you will face issue like air conditioner keeps shutting off repeatedly. This happens because coils are covered with dust, debris and grime. So, it’s hard for the unit in order to perform exchange of heating properly.

dirty air filters of air conditioner keeps shutting off

Frozen Evaporator Coils:

Basically, evaporator coils are also placed in the air handler which helps in removing the heat from the house. So, air conditioners cooled air recirculated back with the help of ducts or vents. But if your ac coils are dirty and the flow of air is not sufficient, then you will face issue like air conditioner keeps shutting off.  In result, your system works harder in order to defrost the evaporator coils and your system over heats.

Broken Run Capacitors:

Basically, Run Capacitor plays an important role in your air conditioning unit. Because running capacitors provide enough amount of energy to the unit for starting and in keep proper running. But when this air conditioner run capacitor fails, then your air conditioner stops after few minutes of turning on. Another major sign is Air conditioner is not blowing cold air.

Electrical problem in Air Conditioners:

Electrical problem is the most common air conditioner problem in the AC system through which air conditioner keeps shutting off. It happens due to bad connections and faulty of thermostat, circuits and compressor is not properly receiving powers. So, contact with professional technicians in order to solve electrical issues.

Electrical wiring

Low Level of Refrigerants:

Basically, refrigerant is a substance which runs through the coils in order to perform heat exchange. Normally, refrigerant absorbs all hot air and dissipates it outside through ac condenser coils. When there is any leakage in the refrigerant line. Refrigerant is also known as Freon.

Then, it will be very hard for the unit to remove heat. So, if you find any refrigerant leakage then, immediately contact with professional for proper check up. Because if you leave the refrigerant leaks unchecked, then this issue damage the expensive unit parts. Sometimes the refrigerant is low but if you see any leakage then fix such leakage immediately otherwise the leakage will reappear. Also read: Will HVAC Compressor Run Without Freon?

Oversized Air Conditioner:

If you are using air conditioning system which is larger than your house, then you will face issue like air conditioner keeps shutting off means short cycling. This happens, because HVAC systems are normally built to absorb heat from the house which is normally coming from some indoor spaces of your house.

.So, when the unit is oversized, then your unit cool your house in a faster way and shutdown after 10 to 15 minutes and again start after few minutes through this way your house become cooled and warm more rapidly and this thing is also called short cycling. So, keep your air conditioner according to your house. Contact with professional when buying HVAC for your house.

Fault in thermostat:

Thermostat is device which is used to control your HVAC unit. If there is any malfunction, then you will face ac short cycling. Your thermostat is not working properly due to bad wirings or improper placed thermostat. Always, placed your thermostat in the stable place. Because, if you place your thermostat near the windows or cooling place, then your unit thermostat is unable to detect the right temperature of your house and you will face short cycling issue.     

Effects of Air Conditioner Short Cycling:

Its normal that your air conditioner short cycle at least for the weeks and months before you fully understand that what’s the exact matter and what are the effects of air conditioning short cycle. Here are some effects of short cycling in air conditioners:

Increased humidity in the house: Basically, your system removes humidity with the heat but if your unit is short cycling then you will face increased humidity in the house.

Higher Energy Bills: When your air conditioner is not working properly and due to short cycling its providing cooling hardly, then you will see a major increase in the energy bills.

Wear and tear on central air system: If you leave your air central system unchecked, then the average life span of unit decreases and cost you a lot of money for wear and tear of the system. All just due to short cycling.


Basically, there are variety of reason through which you will face issue like your air conditioner keeps shutting off repeatedly. Always, check all the things like thermostat, oversized unit, evaporator coils, broken run capacitors, refrigerant leaks and many other things are working correctly or not. So, now you get the answer of your question about why does my ac keep turning off after 10 to 15 minutes?  If you see anything wrong, then immediately contact with professional for proper inspection. I hope this article helps you and for more articles be with us on tempindoors.

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