Why is my AC Freezing up? 7 Reasons and Tips

Well, the air conditioner which provides cooling to your house from scorching heat. It can accumulate frost and stop working. Ac freezing up is the most common problem. But very few people know why it happens and what the main cause behind it.

Ac freezing up

Well this happens not with the old air conditioners but it also happens with the most Well-known air conditioning brands at any time in the whole year.  This problem usually happens even without noticeable signs. So, the repairing cost is very high just because of the formation of ice on your air conditioners evaporator coils or due to broken blower fan.

A perfectly working air conditioner not just provide cooling to your house but also performing various other task like lower the humidity, removing dirt and dust particles with the help of modern air filters. Well, the Ac freezing up issue happens with every brand of air conditioner models. This thing affects your Ac compressor and flow of air. If you leave the issue unchecked than there are many sever damages.

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What are the major causes through which your Ac freezing up?

The issue of Ac freezing up happens, when the formation of ice build-up on your unit especially when the ice forms on your ac evaporator coils. So, first two issues can easily be checked visually. If your evaporator coils become frozen in a little but tougher form then in this case, you need professional help.

By opening a panel door, you have to check your ac and find the ice formation. If there’s not any formation of ice then, there must be ice formation on evaporator coils or you will find frozen evaporator coils.

Don’t worry, Tempindoors provides you complete information about how to address and check your poorly working air conditioner and how you protect your ac from further damage.

Dirty Air filters:

The main function of your furnace air filters is to capture all the dirt, dust, and mold from coming into your ac ducts. Contact flow of air keeps free your evaporator coils from humidity. Air filters having a slightly porous structure for the better and efficient performance in filtration process. If any dust or dirt particles still there then, it reduces the flow of air to your HVAC system. So in result, its allowing humidity and starts forming ice buildup.

dirty air filters ac freezing up issue

Cleaning and changing of your ac filters is easy to do, but it requires some prudence.

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  • First, turn your thermostat of Ac cooling off.
  • Turn your fan on through this way it blows warm air on ac evaporator coils to remove ice. (Caution: please don’t use hot water to remove such ice from ac evaporator coils. Because hot water creates irreparable damages.)
  • Now, check your air filters.

Did you know?

According to Energy Department of United states that replacing your dirty ac air filters improves your ac energy efficiency to 5 to 15%.

How to solve this problem?

Many technicians suggest to change your air filters after every 3 to 4 months. However, when you have to change your ac air filters. Basically, it depends on various factors like:

  • what types of filter you are using?
  • How many peoples are living in your house.
  • Conditions of climate.
  • What amount of smoke present in your room.
  • Everyday usage of ac.
  • Persons living with health problems like asthma, COPD, allergies and heart disease.

To check that your air filters is in good condition or not. So for this purpose, if you really need to change your ac filters then notice first that light is shining through your ac filters or not.

Low refrigerant:

Low refrigerant is one of the major reason that why your ac freezing up. Ability of maintaining a specific amount of temperature is basically depending on your ac refrigerant. Well, most of time no one notice a refrigerant leakage for longer period of time. But refrigerant leakage can easily be found on your ac refrigerant lines, evaporator coils and in compressor.

low refrigerant

Low level of refrigerant cause effect on the performance of your ac evaporator coils and resulting you will see the accumulation of moisture. Over-time, you will such issue like ac freezing up. Because it freezes up your ac evaporator coils.

If you leave this issue unchecked, then low level refrigerant cause severe damages to your compressor and I will tell you that replacing and repairing of your faulty compressor is an expensive task. 

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People who are using old air conditioning unit with damaged compressor than, they have to purchase new one because the replacement parts is very expensive. If they don’t purchase new on then they will face issue like ac freezing up.

How to solve this problem?

If you notice Freon leak, then immediately turn your air conditioner off. Contact with your professional HVAC contractor to find that leakage. Because it cause your ac freezing up.

Blower fan is damaged:

Well, the basic function of blower fan is drawing hot air in the ducts and circulate the cold air throughout your house. If your blower fan is damaged and malfunction than such transfer process of heat will be halt. If your ac blower fan is not functioning properly then it creates so much condensation on the evaporator coils. Without enough flow of air, refrigerant and coil will be freeze over. And in result you will face ac freezing up issue.

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You have to replace or repair your blower fan, If you find such issue:

  • Speed of blower fan is reduced.
  • You will face difficulties when starting the air conditioner unit.
  • Frequent humming and whirring sounds.
  • A sharp decline in the amount of warm air released outside.

How to solve this problem?

Contact with your professional HVAC technician in order to find the age and overall condition of blower fan and motor. They have to check the power and rotation speed of fan to ensure the maximum functionality. Depending on damages, it needs repair or replacement.

Blocked returning vents and Registers:

Basically, registers and vents are designed in a way that it pulls the warm air and take it towards the handlers, where the air becomes cold and dehumidified.

Many people don’t know that blockage of vents leads to ac freezing up. It happens, when enough amount of air is not circulating over the evaporator coils, moisture condenses on evaporator coils and freezes.

How to solve this problem?

  • Turn off your thermostat and move the fan position to coils allow coil to thaw.
  • Keep your objects and furniture away from returns.
  • Don’t close 2 to 3 supply of vents.

Issues in Air Ducts:

Basically, ducts are the passageways for removing or delivering the air from your HVAC system. Leakage and any obstruction stop the proper flow of air, which basically prevents hot air from reaching towards the coils, in result you will face ac freezing up issue.

How to solve this problem?

  • Find the dust and obstruction like any curtain or furniture near the air vents.
  • You have to make sure that you performed the routine maintenance.
  • Contact with your HVAC professional for the proper inspection of the flow of air.

Clogged and dirty coils:

Simply, evaporator coils capture the heat from inside of your house and change this heat in the cold air. It is the basic component of heat exchange process. Because the evaporator coils are damp and easily it captures the dust, debris and dirt particles. As you know, dirty evaporator coils restrict the flow of air. In result, you will face issue like ac freezing up.

How to solve this problem?

First of all, turn your ac off to avoid further damages. You have to hire professional HVAC for cleaning the dirty coils.

Thermostat levels:

Many air conditioning systems already having a predetermined ranges of temperature. If the temperature outside falls below 60⁰ Fahrenheit. In result, various house owners facing frequent freezing just because of low temperature in evening which prevent the ac unit from working efficiently. Also, it causes the lower pressure in your ac unit, which leads to build up of ice and you will be facing the issue of ac freezing up.

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How to solve this problem?

  • Turn your system off and let’s your system thaw.
  • Avoid your air conditioner running overnight.
  • You have to place the thermostat at lower levels only during heat waves.
  • If the problem still present, then contact with professional HVAC technician.

How to prevent from ac freezing up?

It’s very hard to find the initial signs of ac freezing up. If you’re active and watchful person then there are many noticeable initial signs of ac freezing up. Such signs are like problem in blower fan and its speed.

Noisy air conditioners air filters. Various ac freezing up issues are easily solved by taking proper maintenance. Experienced technician easily detects the initial signs in ac freezing up and prevents any further mechanical failures. Regular maintenance by HVAC technician detects the dirty coils and obstructed ducts and vents.

Follow such tips to keep the air conditioner working efficiently in best condition:

  • Change your Ac filters after few months.
  • Keep the Ac blower fan clean from dust and debris.
  • Ensure the proper venting or ducting.
  • Do a proper schedule inspection if you are using AC regularly.

Preventing the AC unit from freezing up:

If you detect the signs at early stages, then you can easily handle AC freezing up issue by yourself. If the AC freezing up issue happens just because of refrigerant leakage or due to damaged coil. Than the time comes for purchasing new AC system. Please feel free to ask any question if you have. We will be very happy to help you.

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