How much does Repairing boiler Cost?

If you step in to the house in the winters and still feel chill and hop in the shower and only to be met with the lukewarm water, then it means that you are having a boiler issue.

How much does Repairing boiler Cost

Well, it depends on what type of boiler you are using in your house, average boiler cost around is $416 in which your root problem are parts that need to be replaced during maintenance are included. However, the servicing cost could be run between $189 to $643 depending on other various factors.

Frankly speaking, yearly maintenance of the boiler is far more budget friendly instead of regular repairs, with the cost range of $150-$500. We will give you detailed estimate and analysis of boiler cost in this article guide.

How Much Does Repairing Boiler Cost:

Well, the final cost normally depends on what type of problem you are facing in the boiler. Sometimes the problem is very minor like repairing of ignition switch which starts in just $100 or major problem like repairing the gas valve which cost around $1,100 dollars.

How much does a servicing cost of boiler?

Generally, if your boiler is working perfectly fine and you are planning to spend $200-$500 for the annual servicing. It’s sounds like that you have to spend too much on annual maintenance but you know that annual cost is less than the service repairing cost.

There are several tasks which tech typically do during routine services:

  • Clean whole unit in which flush is included.
  • Check common issues like leaks and low level of water.
  • Conduct repairs.
  • Descales hard water.
  • Replace all such parts which are prone to wear and tear.

Basically, routine maintenance is one of the best way to check whether your unit is in tip top condition or not. If you don’t go with the annual service contract, then you have to pay for different servicing cost individually. Such services are:

  • Annual Inspection Cost:$200 to $400.
  • Routine Maintenance Cost: $150 to $400.
  • Boiler cleaning or Descaling: $150 to$350.
  • Servicing call for repair: $75 to $250.

Also, you might be in hook for such:

  • Hourly rate for the reaping and servicing: $45 to $200
  • Average repairing Cost :$150 to 750.

How Much Does Repairing Boiler Cost by The Type of Boiler:

Basically, repairing cost of boiler depends on its types like, gas, electric and oil. With the type its also important for every house owner to know that how old your system is. Because the boiler last for 15 to 20 years. So, if your boiler age is larger than 15 years and after knowing that if you are going to spend money on the old boiler, it cost more money. So, best way is buy a new boiler instead of spending so much money on the old boiler repairing cost.

If your boiler is having some minor issues, then it means that your have to spend $100 to $400. But if your system is older and you need to replace your whole system, then the cost will go around $3,300-$8,500.

NOTE: If you feel any gas smell coming from your boiler, immediately turn of the boiler and vacate the space and call professionals for help.

For those who are using electric boiler, the  repairing cost is around $200-$450. And for replacing the whole unit cost is around $1500-$6500.

And for those who are using oil boiler, then the repairing cost is around $200-$500. Also, if your professional recommends you to replace the boiler, then the new unit cost around $4800 $6,750.

Boiler by Fuel SourceAverage Cost
Gas Boiler$100 – $400
Electric Boiler$200 – $460
Oil Boiler$220 – $500

There are different rates depending on different types of boiler:

Repairing boiler Cost By Parts:

Additionally, different parts of boiler which needs to be repaired or replaced depending on the type of boiler will affect the overall cost of boiler. When you call professional for the diagnosis and they will tell you each everything which are the things needs to be done. Few repairing like replacing the coils, gas valve and circulating pump will reach upto $1000 dollars.

In such cases, its very good idea to know the pros and cons of purchasing latest new unit instead of completing all the repairs especially when your boiler reach the average age of its life.

Only professional will help you to figure out what are the problems in your boiler. But there are some common causes and issues through which you can easily solve your boiler problem. If you leave your boiler unchecked for a year, then there are some hacks through which you can easily solve your boiler problem. One of the best case scenario is flush the boiler and remove mineral deposits for maintaining boiler.

Sometimes, root of the problem is mineral deposits build-up and professional use chemical with a power and chemical flush. Basically, power flush is that professional person using hot water and various chemicals at very high pressure in order to flush the system.

why is my water heater leaking? How to fix leaking problems from top, bottom and side

Chemical flushes rely on the chemical products instead of using pressure in order to get this job done. So, the flush cost is around $200-$600. There are three major issues like leaks, strange noises, unreliable heat and its solution are mentioned below:


If there’s any leakage in the boiler that because of corroded pipes, rust or due to loose fitting which need to be tightened. But if the leakage is not in pipes but around the boiler, then the repairing cost around is $140-$750. Because the problem might be with the boilers frozen condensate line, expansion tank, valves, pipes and seals.


Strange Noises:

Strange noises from your boiler is due to mineral deposits build-up inside heat exchanger. This might be possible especially in the areas of hard water. If heat exchanger is totally damaged, then you need a new heat exchanger which overall cost around is $1000-$2000 [ although that warranty coverage might be low like $400-$600.

strange noises

Unreliable Heat:

If you notice that your house is not providing heat as they have to. In such case, you may face too much heat or inconsistent hot water that’s because of low water level, damage thermostat, build-up of mineral deposits and might be there some air in the pipes. Regardless such underlying issue you can follow this table in order to understand what’s the average boiler repair cost is?

Why Boiler turns off Unexpectedly:

Sometimes, we notice such cases like when house owners turn its boiler on and after few minutes when they look back the boiler turn off by itself and many house owners want to What’s the matter is this a technical problem or a some kind of horror entity in our house.

Relax guys! Sometimes, it happens because there might be any problem with your thermostat, valve, pipes and problem like low pressure. So, the repairing cost is around $250-$1000 which is depending on such underlying issues.

No Water Pressure in the Boiler:

If there’s problem with the pressure, then it means that there might be any leakage in the pipes. So, you have to fix such water leakages in order to avoid pressure issues. Also, check pipes and valves or circulating pumps for more clarity. Boiler with absolute no press can cost you around $200-$1000.

Why Is My Boiler is Not Turning On:

If you are facing this problem that your boiler is not turning on, then it means that there might some issues which needs to be fixed immediately. One major issue is tripped Circuit Breaker or you are using bad quality fuse. This is one of the best and simple issue which you can fix very easily. If you call a professional technician, then the cost you might pay is amount $75 to $80.

There are many other issues like faulty in your boiler thermostat, clogged fuel line, frozen condensate pipe or might be the problem is low pressure. Well, according to our search, if you are facing frozen condensate pipe issue, then you to pour hot water on the pipe by doing this you can easily solve frozen condensate pipe problem. But, I will tell you that if you are facing many other issues with this issue, then you might have to spend $270 to $1850 in order to solve all issues.

Breaking down the Repairing Cost of Boiler:

Well, you need to pay for the parts and labor in the boiler repairing cost. Remember many house owners forget about the warranty of the boiler but I will tell that if your boiler is under warranty, then you don’t have to pay for the parts. But for the labor you have to pay. According to our research, in repairing boiler cost, labor cost is included. Let’s take the over view of parts, size and labor that how much does it cost for these three things.

Repairing Cost of Boiler Parts:

Well, generally speaking when you are going to repair your boiler, you might see many broken parts. Individual cost of one boiler part is $10 to $800. But you also know that only a single repair in the boiler requires many parts that’s why the overall cost of parts will higher. Also, according to our research we notice that you will get gas boiler parts very easily instead of electric and oil boilers parts. Because such boilers are not used by house owners frequently.

Labor Cost:

Normally, the technician charge around $150 to $300 approximately or they can charge you through and hourly rate of $80-$125 per hour. Well, you get better labor rates during the regular servicing. But, did you know for the weekends and holidays you gave to pay extra

labor Cost

for the labor cost. Also, you have to pay more, especially when you need emergency services or after the hourly help. I hope now you understand the labor cost in how much does repairing boiler cost.


Well, you know that the size of the boiler creates a bigger impact on the cost of installation and for the replacement. Normally, the cost of labor remain same regardless of the boiler capacity. Let’s discuss one example here:

1000 Square foot house need aprox. 30,000 to 45,000 BTU boiler which cost around $4,000 to $6,200 and 25,00 Square footage needs 75,000 to 113,000 BTU unit boiler which normally ranges from $5,600 to $8,650. Now, you know that how much size of the boiler cost in how much does repairing boiler cost.

Boiler PartsAverage Cost (Including Labor)
Radiator Valve$180 – $350
Transformer$180 – $500
Zone Valve$200 – $500
Fan$200 – $500
Expansion Tank – Electric$200 – $560
Expansion Tank – Oil$250 – $550
Expansion Tank – Gas$200 – $560
Flue$310 – $720
Circulating Pump$320 – $1,000
Gas Valve$310 – $1,100
Coil$500 – $1,000

Can you Service or Repair a Boiler Yourself?

No, it’s very complicated process. So, tinkering with the boilers complex system might be dangerous for you. That’s why you have to hire a professional for complete inspection, repair and maintenance.

Well, I will tell you that there are some task which you can do by yourself  in order finding issues and after noticing such things you can call professional for fixing such issues. Such tasks are you have to check chimneys, vents and heat exchanger. Also, you can increase your boiler life span by changing the filters.

So, now you understand completely in this article how much does repairing boiler cost that boiler system is very complicated and that’s why its best for you to get the professional for all such tasks.

Important Tips to Reduce the Repairing Boiler Cost:

You can reduce the repairing boiler cost by calling the professional for maintenance in the off season when the demand is very low like in early springs. Also, you have to check boiler servicing company manuals that there might be any discounts.

Plus check that your boiler is under warranty or not because it will reduce the parts overall repairing boiler cost. One of the best way to reduce the overall cost is to do a regular maintenance each year. Because through this your small boiler faults can be fixed very easily. I hope this articles helps you in finding how much does repairing boiler cost is. So, be with us for more informative articles which make your work easier and life better.

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