Does a Home Warranty Cover HVAC Repairs?

When you are going to buy new house. First of all, if I am not wrong you check in the house that everything is working perfectly or not. But you know that even if you go with the detailed inspection, you are not able to predict that which system or appliances might wear out at what time.

Does a Home Warranty Cover HVAC

That’s why its very important to have a plan of house warranty which almost cover all repairing and replacement costs. Here’s one thing you wanted to know that does a home warranty cover HVAC? then don’t worry about anything because the answer is Yes! Home warranty cover HVAC. There are some signs, so let’s dig into the detailed analysis that how does a home warranty cover HVAC?

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cover HVAC Cost?

When you are going to purchase home warranty, then there are two way through which you can pay for house warranty like pay monthly or pay annually. By signing up the home warranty cover HVAC agreement, you don’t have to worry about more anything else. Because it will protect your appliances and all the systems for the whole year.

Well, the average home warranty cover HVAC premium cost is around $220 to $1900 for just one year. In which many people are paying $1060 for the years worth coverage. Above all of this, Every single time you have to pay $80 to $150 dollars for the pro which usually come for the repairs which is normally send by your warranty company.

cost of does a home warranty cover HVAC

What Are The Services Included in Home Warranty?

You know in a home warranty there are many thing which are usually covered by professional in this agreement.  Well, the coverage also depends on from which company you buy a home warranty or what type of package you choose for the home warranty. Some of the most common or basic plan will cover all such things which are mentioned below:

  • Pluming Systems.
  • HVAC Systems.
  • Electrical Systems.
  • All kitchen appliances like dishwasher, ovens and refrigerators.
  • Security systems of house.

Plus you are able to choose the advance home warranty in which it covers all the such things which are mentioned below:

  • Sprinkler Systems.
  • Electronic gadgets like TV or speakers.
  • Swimming Pools, hot tubs and spas.
  • Additional refrigerators, oven which are placed outside of your kitchen.
  • Exterior plumbing and the plumbing fixtures.

Now, we have to discussed the important the on which our topic is mainly depends like what are the parts which are being covered when we discussed that does a home warranty cover HVAC? Let’s start…

What Are The Parts of HVAC System Which Are Covered in Home Warranty?

So, the question is does a home warranty cover HVAC system repairs and replacement? And the answer is Yes!! Because even if you go with the basic or advance level home warranty package. There must be some levels of your HVAC System are included for the protection.

Well, that it’s not necessary that it will cover all the components of HVAC System. Normally, the home warranty which you choose will give you somehow discount for the repairs or for the replacements on the such things like central air conditioning, heating or water heater systems.

parts of HVAC system in does a home warranty cover HVAC

What Are the Types of HVAC Systems And Which Are Covered In Home Warranty?

Well, there are various types of HVAC Systems in which hybrid and split system are included.  Before purchasing a home warranty. Carefully read all the fine prints in order to make sure that the home warranty cover all that HVAC System which you are using. Because few HVAC Systems are not included in the home warranty like portable or window Air conditioning system.

In What Cases You Have to Apply For Home Warranty?

Well, you think that home warranty is the best way to protect your appliances or marked you safe from HVAC Expenses. But you know that these policies are not same what they seem. So, that’s why its important for you to understand that for what purpose you are going to sign up.

Apply Home Warranty in Such Cases:

Basically, your home warranty valid only if your HVAC system go through normal wear and tear or age related failure. In more simple words, it means that if your system is damaged because of storm and after that you call for the help to your local HVAC Company, then you have to understand that here home warranty can’t  help you in paying your repairs or replacement expenses.

Other thing is that, if you leave your HVAC system unchecked and not doing proper maintenance from your side or not arranging schedule maintenance, then in all such cases home warranty will be null and void.

Storm in Does a home warranty cover HVAC

Let’s say, you are going to submit a claim, then at that time your HVAC company provider might ask for the inspection report from you or any other proof through which this thing clear that your are doing proper maintenance of your HVAC System from past few years.

If you can’t provide all such thing to the provider, in result its possible that they might not accept your request.

What Are The Common Issues Which Are Covered By HVAC System?

Well, some of the most common issues which are usually covered by home warranty are listed below:

  • Normal wear & tear of your HVAC System.
  • Age related HVAC Failures.
  • Regular maintenance or routine inspection.

What Are The Common Issues Which Is Not Found In Home Warranty:

Common issues which is not found under your Home Warranty like:

  • Any damage to portable or window AC units.
  • Existing issues with your HVAC system.
  • Any Damage which is caused by due to lack of regular maintenance.
  • Any damage caused by natural disaster like flood, fire or storm.

Can I Get A Complete HVAC Replacement?

Well, your home warranty plan cover certain parts of HVAC System but here one question arises that does a home warranty cover HAVC replacement entirely?

Well, the answer is Not Necessarily. This thing depends on your provider that he decides whether your system needs repairing or replacement. If they think that your HVAC damage is repairable, then they try to fix it by repairing. If repairing doesn’t work, then it’s possible that they might approve your replacement request.

But here one thing I will tell you that it only offer a replacement on few models which are not on the topic of line product always. I hope this articles helps you in understanding that does a home warranty cover HVAC repairs. So, if you like this article, then stay connected with us tempindoors for more informative articles like this one.

Frequently Asked Question:

Well, house thermostat mostly comes under the plans of home warranty. But if you want that your home warranty cover any repairs and replacement which you need, then you need to keep your thermostat in the good condition. So, clean it  or use fresh batteries regularly.

Normally? HVAC system will last for almost 10 to 30 years. But most of the HVAC unit lifespan is arount 20 years but if you maintain your HVAC unit regularly it will last more 10 years. Also, you have to know that life expectancy depends on the brand you choose for your house.

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