How Often to Change Air Filters of your air conditioner?

You have to know that how often to change air filters of your air conditioner. Basically, you have to change Air filters in 1 -3 months depending on what type of filters you are using.

how often to change air filters

If you do proper maintenance of your furnace as well as you know how often to change air filters of your Air conditioner, then you will get better Air quality in your house. Also, by doing this your system life span and its efficiency increases and it consume low amount of power and in result you will see a major decrease in your energy bills.

It’s very straightforward job if you need to change the air filters on the set schedule. But there are many factors which impact its frequency through which the filters require to changed. Lets start the complete details about how often to change air filters.

How often to change air filters?

Basically, how often to change air filters, it depends on some fundamental factors like how many members of people and pets in your house. What is the location of the house and what is actual size of the house, allergy sensitivity, time of year and what type of filters you are using?

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Number of people and pets in the house:

Well, the question how often to change air filters answer is that your filters need to be changed regularly if you have a lot of members in the house. Family with the younger children’s and elderly members have to change their air filters after 1-3 months in order to make sure that your family is safe from a lot of germs and from harmful contaminants which is present in the air.

How Often to change air filter when you are having dogs, cats etc. Don’t worry we (tempindoors) are here to tell you each and everything that how often to change air filter when you are having pets in the house.

Well, you have to change the air filters more often. Household pets are one of the main factor which shed dandruff and hairs which easily accumulate in the air filters and obstruct the flow of air.

So, if you are having indoor pets then you have to change air filter after 2 months. Especially, if you are having multiple pets in the house and issues like allergy than change the air filters after 15 – 30 days.

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Where your home is located:

Well, the geographical location of your house play an important role in how often to change air filters. If you are living in such regions where excessive amount of hot and humid air and dust is present and your AC is running for longer period of time then, it means that you have to change the air filters regularly because your AC is running longer period of time.

When your AC is running the more air is passing through filters and there are more chances that so much dust particles stuck in the air filters. So, that’s why you have to change or replace the air filter more often.

geographical house location

On the other hand, if you are living in the that place where climate is mild for most of the time and you are using your AC for short period of time then, changing of the air filter will be avoided for some months.

Size of the house:

Basically, the size of the house plays an important role in how often to change air filters. If you are having a large house, then it means that your AC circulates more air in order to provide cooling to the house.

So, when a large amount air passes through the air filters then dust and dirt particles also moves from the air and stuck in the air filters which affect the flow of air. That being said, this justifies the requirement for frequent air filter changes.

But if you are having smaller houses and it require less air in order to provide cooling to your house. Then, it requires less frequency of changing your air conditioner air filters.

Size of house how often to change air filter

Time of year:

In the heaviest seasons of both the summer as well as winter. The heating or cooling system is running frequently. So, that’s why you have to consider replacing the air filters more often in order to make sure that your system is running smoothly.

Quality of Air in the house:

To understand that how often to change air filters then, check the air quality in the house. If the quality of air is not good in the house than you have to change the air filters more often. If you are having different pets and many member household member with the allergies, then you have to change the air filters of AC more frequently.

If someone is used to smoke cigarette in the house than by changing ac air filters quality of air will be improved.

By performing proper maintenance of the HVAC system of your house, your system will run efficiently and increase the quality of air and decrease the energy consumption through which you will see a major decrease in your bills. It also lengthens the HVAC unit lifespan.

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Individuals who is suffering from asthma or with other respiratory issues are very sensitive to the airborne particles. Such peoples required a better quality of air in order to lessen the chance of worsening situation. You must have to change the air filters after 30 to 45 days in order to get clean and fresh air.

Types of filters:

This is very important to know that how often to change air filters in air conditioners but its also very important to know that what type of air filters you are using. Because few air filters are very effective instead of other air filters. There are 2 major types of filters, one in the HVAC system normally determine that how often to change air filters.

Here, I mentioned below few types of air filters.

Fiber-glass Air filters:


It’s life-span is 1 year.

MRV Ratings:

1 to 4.

fiber glass filter

Basically, fiber-glass air filters are disposable type of very low cost air filters. Such type of filters need to changed more quickly like in a month or half, depending on that factors which is mentioned above.

Pleated Air filters:


3 months

MRV Ratings:

5 to 13.

pleated filter

Such filters are very high quality and thick type of filters. It’s very effective in catching the dust particles and run for at least 4 months, depending on the season and its usage.

Washable Air Filters:


5 to 10 years.

MRV Ratings:

1 to 4.

washable filers

If you are having electrostatic and washable Air Filters. Such filters easily dried and installed in the system once in a month. Such air filters are very eco-friendly and run for at least 5 to 10 years. If you clean such filters accurately and properly.

HEPA Air Filters:


6 to 12 months.

MRV Ratings:

17 to 20.

HEPA filters

If your family member is suffering from various allergies then, HEPA Air Filters in one of the best choice. According to EPA, high efficiency particulate air filters are able to remove 99.7% of dust, mold, pollen and bacteria from the indoor air. Depending on various other factors you have to change HPEA air filters once per a year.

Many factors affect the frequency of filters changing. Well, the best way is to check the air conditioner filters after 30 days in determining that the air filters need replacement or not. Few air filters manufacturers suggest to change the filters after 60 to 90 days, depending on what type of air filters you are using.

If you are having questions related the life span of air filters. Then, contact with your HVAC professional for such questions.

How to replace/change air conditioner air filters:

Houses having different air filters with the different air conditioners.

If you are having returning air vents filter, follow such steps:

  • Find the returning air vents.
  • Turn off the unit in order to prevent the unfiltered air circulation.
  • Carefully, open your vent (unscrewing with the help of screw driver).
  • Insert the new air filter. Just make sure that air filters arrows is in the right position. Learn more about which way does an air flow in furnace.
  • Carefully, close your air vent.
  • Now, you can turn the air conditioner on again.

If your house having an air handler or furnace filters, then follow such steps:

  • First, turn the power of unit off.
  • Find the air filters. Which is present near supply of air and then remove access panel.
  • Remove the door cover.
  • Carefully, remove the old filter.
  • Remember the position of arrow on air filters while removing.
  • Place the new air filters and make sure set the arrow in the same old filters arrow position.
  • Turn on your unit again and enjoy cooling.

Why is it necessary to replace your AC air filters?

It’s very important to change your air filters regularly in order to protect all the dust particles from coming in the filters of air conditioner. One of the greatest and simplest ways to make sure the cooling or heating system in the home operates efficiently is to replace the air filters. Among the many problems caused by dirty air filters are:

Major increase in energy bills:

When your unit air filters blocked then its very hard for them to pull the air in order to cool the house. Such hard working decrease its life span and starts consuming more energy. According to the United States department of energy, dirty and blocked air filters decrease the energy utilization of AC by 5 to 15%.


Your filers are very dirty and you didn’t change for 3 more than suggested date then it cause various allergies and respiratory problems.

Failure of system:

The air conditioner starts working harder in order to pull the air from the AC dirty air filters. Such constant pressure on the air conditioner will break your system and I will tell you that repairing cost is very high.

A few indicators that the AC air filters require to be changed are as follows:

Basically, your air conditioner passes the air from the air filters. So, in this way all the air is cleaned when coming out from the air filters and then your ac delivers such fresh air in the house. Additionally, it lengthens the life of your air conditioner.

You cannot find any straight answer that how longs the function of air filters will work without any need of replacement. Here are some major signs are mentioned through which you can easily detect that you have to change the air filters.

Overheating of HVAC Unit:

Well, the blocked air filters cause the AC works harder to pull the air and then need so much energy in order to move that air to your AC air filters. You need to inspect the air filter, then check the system if it’s too warm then take out the air filters. If still your AC is not cooling does, then contact with the HVAC professional for the inspection.


Your air conditioning unit filters the dust particles, pollens and various other contaminants in order to provide the clean and fresh air to the house.

If your family members start having issues like itching, scratchy throat, red eyes and sneezing or sometime having the skin reaction. Next, determine whether the air filters are blocked or obstructed by checking them. Then it will spread many allergies in the house.


Energy Bills:

Build-up of dust particles and pollens and many allergens clog the AC air filters and obstruct the flow of air in the house. Your AC have to work harder to get the filtered which increases your energy bills.

energy bills

Excessive amount of dust:

Air filters is used to remove the dust particles from the house air before the polluted air starts circulating in the house. If you see build-up of dust on the vents, fan blades and on the rod of curtains then you have to replace your AC air filters.

Can’t remember when I replaced my air filters last:

Normally, air filters have to changes after 1 to 6 months. But during peak of the season, you have to replace the air filters after every 30 days. If you forget when you replaced the air filters last, then replace your air filters now.

cannot remember

White-Sheet Test:

Another way to test that it’s time to replace or change your air filters by just hanging the white sheet some inches away from your vents. Next, give it a half-an hour rest.

 If the white sheet turns into grey or black. The dirtier your air filters are the more chances that you need to change the AC air filters.


I hope now you get the answer of this question that how often to change air filters of your air conditioning unit. Regular changing of air filters makes your system work efficiently. Also, it improves the quality of air and remove many allergies from the house.

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