How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

Numerous factors influence the price of a heat pump. So, in the article we will discuss that how much does a heat pump cost and on what factors cost will increased. Also, we discussed prices of various types of heat pumps.

How much does a heat pump cost?

How much does a heat pump cost?:

Well the heat pump replacement cost ranges from $4,900 to $12,500. In this cost of labor, equipment and many other fees are including. In this price range various sizes of equipment and variable capacity of heat pump system, also sophistication level is also included.

Factors which affect the total cost of heat pump are mentioned below:

  • Power or you say capacity of the system.
  • Systems efficiency.
  • You are not changing your previous HVAC System.
  • Modification in the current system.
  • Line sets protection.
  • Major factor cost of installation.
  • Rebates or tax credits.

The article which is mentioned below basically break down that how much does a heat pump cost? and what factors are involved. Different heat pumps like entry level and mid-range, high end heat pumps price ranges are also discussed.

Your money or comfort or I say that you lose both If your heat pump damage or run inefficiently.

If you want to repair the heat pump it will continue to run for short period of time. After that you will need a new heat pump.

Many house owners are not sure that they are able to bear with the budget of new heat pump or not. What worse more than that is finding a perfect answer online, in which cost of labor is also included. extremely challenging to locate—or even impossible. But don’t worry, we are here to solve your problems.

At Tempindoors, we are here to provide you enough information through which you are able to get most out of the heat pump. When you are having complete information then you are able to make perfect and best decisions.

We help our many customers in determining that which HVAC SYSTEM is best and suitable for your house and with the budget.  We have seen that how our information helps our customers and increasing their level of satisfaction in choosing the best system.

At the end of this article, you will have variety of estimated costs and many options to start the budgeting and the process of decision making.

Labor cost of HVAC System:

All the prices range which is mentioned in the article, cost of labor is included. In many online estimated costs, labor costs are not included. Well cost of labor specially affects the final heat pump cost or I say replacement cost of heat pump. Basically cost of labor varies depend on the location and the house. Means make sure that you are going to compare oranges to oranges. Ask your professional HVAC contractor that they included the cost of labor in the estimate or not. Labor cost play an important role in determining that How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

cost of heat pump

Two important factor which affect the cost of heating pump:

Two important and major factors which dictate the cost of equipment of the new heat pump.

Power, in other words the capacity of heating/ cooling of the heat pump, is it able to satisfy with your cooling/heating needs.

Efficiency of the new heat pump.

Capacity of heat pump:

Your heat pump should have enough power to meet your need of heating or cooling. Your nee heat pump cost increases as well as the power increases.

Your professional HVAC contractor refers the heat pumps power as a capacity or output and with the size.

Basically the capacity of heat pump dictate that how perfectly your system deals with the cooling or heating needs. For determining the heat pump capacity your professional HVAC contractor should have to perform J load calculation.

J load calculation is used to check that is your heat pump able to face any challenges in just to deal with the needs of heating or cooling. Both U.S Department of energy and the (ACCA) Air conditioning Contractors of America perform Manual J Load Calculation.

Factors in the manual J load calculation are:

  • Square footage of the house.
  • How many numbers of doors and windows and their sizes?
  • Direction of the window.
  • Height of the celling.
  • How recently the house was insulated.

Such factors help the HVAC contractor to determine that how much your heat pump need to be powerful.

Licensed contractors by state perform Manual j load calculation on the house before selling or recommending any system. Don’t think that previous calculations are 100 percent accurate. Make sure that your professional HVAC contractor performed Manual j load calculation before installing any system.

Matching of Correct capacity system to the house is very crucial. If the heat pump is more powerful or it is unable to provide enough power to deal with the need of heating or cooling, then your HVAC system will face many issue or I say suffer a lot.

In both the cases, inaccurate sizing of the heat pump decreases its life expectancy. Well typically the average range of heat pump is from 15 years or more than then that but if the heat pump is not having enough capacity for the house then in next 5 to 10 years, you need a new heat pump.

Efficiency Rating of Heat Pump:

Similar like all other HVAC Systems, high efficiency rating heat pumps have more cost.

If you are using more efficient heat pump, then you don’t have to worry about that how much does a heat pump cost? because high efficient heat pump saves your money for longer period of time. High efficiency heating pumps work more efficiently and gives you more comfort.

You can finally decide that high efficiency heating pump is good for the investment or not. But here first let’s talk about that how you are able to identify efficient heating pump.

Since heating pumps give you both the heating/cooling. So, manufactures here use two different methods or I say rating scores just to identify heating pump efficiency:

For cooling, the efficiency of heating pump score is measured by SEER rating and the rating score is between 14 to 20 SEER rating.

For heating, the efficiency of heating pump score is measured by HSPF rating and the rating score is between 7.7 to 10 HSPF rating.

Both HSPF and SEER rating is measured by that what amount of energy is used by the heat pumps. But both ratings have different way of calculation. Simply higher ratings of SEER and HSPF indicates more efficient heating pump.

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Common costs and Accessories of heat pump:

Common costs and Accessories of heat pump in determining that how much does a heat pump cost? When many people think about the new cooling system, then they actually think about the unit of heat pump itself. But there are many things involve in replacing the present system instead of just replacing the whole unit itself.

Now let’s talk about some other factors which play an important role in effecting the total price of heat pump or air conditioner and you can easily understand that how much does a heat pump cost?

Such items are especially required in the installation of an air conditioner:

  • In physical parts many things like indoor and outdoor pads and coils, outside electric disconnects, electric conduit from disconnect heating pump. A new coil copper set from indoor coil to the heating pump, also the drain pipe whose length is about 15 feet is included.
  • Local permit.
  • Thermostats and the electric costs for the breakers, only if necessary.
  • Modifications in ductwork, if necessary.
  • Condensate drainage only if necessary.

Parts of Heat Pump:

When various house owners think about the heat pump, they actually think about the outdoor unit. But the heating pump contains a lot of components. Here are some items which are more commonly come with any heat pump installation which plays an important role in determining that how much does a heat pump cost?

Indoor/outdoor units:

Depending whether it provides heating and cooling in the house, normally the heat pump extracts heat from inside and outside and moves that heat in the opposite location. For this purpose, heating pump require a coil from inside and outside just to facilitate the flow of transfer.

Drain line:

Typically, with the new heating pump 15 feet drain line is also come. If you place your equipment at that place where you need more than 15 feet drain line, then you will see a major increase in the charges.


Well, your present thermostat is suitable with the new equipment. But in very few cases, your professional HVAC contractor needs new wiring just to connect the thermostat with the new heat pump. But if the present thermostat is not suitable with the new equipment then you have to purchase a brand new thermostat.

Outdoor pads:

Your heating pump is on which pad; it makes major difference. Because it must be sturdy, weather resistance and levelled. Well I suggest you to use plastic pads because it performs all such things but with less risk instead of using that pads which are made up of concrete.

Snow legs:

Any equipment need some space for breathe. Snow legs basically keep the outdoor unit little up from the ground in order to protect from overheating and from condensation build-up.

Electrical components:

It includes the tube leading through the electrical disconnection to the heating pump.

These some items will increase the total cost. Indoor and the outdoor units will be included as standard.

Equipment Matching:

Equipment matching is the Most repeated and overlooked aspects when discussing heating or cooling. if your equipment is not matched then it is a major fact which increases the cost and you understand properly that how much does a heat pump cost?

In equipment matching pairing with heating or cooling system is included. You can make sure you are truly getting the most out of your HVAC system by doing this.

The blower motor in the HVAC system is used to circulate the air in the house. A typical system’s blower motor is often found in the air handler or furnace. Your furnace and heating pump, air handler are not compatible with each other then you will not able to get comfort and better efficiency.

Well, it’s important with the variable capacity heating pumps. Because heating pumps with variable capacity having a great efficiency and better comfort. Investing in the system can be wise, depending on you that how you intend to use it.

But without the blower motor of variable capacity, heating pump with variable capacity is not able to provide you the higher efficiency and better comfort.

If you are upgrading the system to variable capacity heating pump or a heating pump with two stages, then you have to replace or upgrade your furnace as well.

Professional HVAC contactors will check your current HVAC system just to make things clear that their provided recommendations are compatible or not. Also they describe with you all the benefits and costs related to upgrading the heating pumps in order to match with the equipment.

Permits for the installation of heat pump:

Well permits are especially required by the law for the installation of HVAC.

Also, various insurance companies need permits and do proper inspections just to ensure that HVAC System is installed accurately and safely.

For permit, there is some fee. Such fee is also included in the list of how much does a heat pump cost? Basically this fee usually covers the overall cost on inspection. Any professional HVAC contractor will obtain all the necessary permits for HVAC installation.

Condensate Drainage:

In the humid months, heating pump help a lot to remove moisture from air which is present inside the house. Your heating pump then condenses the moisture and convert it in the water and after that the water is drained from the drain pipe.

condensate drainage

Sometimes, the moisture is drained in the sump pump or in the floor drain. Occasionally, it happens sometimes because it’s not even possible due to the construction of house and obstruction in the drain pipe way.

In such cases, condensate pump really helps to move the whole moisture towards proper drain.

Approximate Cost of condensate pump is from $300 to $500. Condensate pump cost is also an important reason in how much does a heat pump cost?

Electrical requirements in the installation of heat pump:

In very few cases, already present electrical work of the house might not support with the modern system. But if your system is old then it increases the overall cost and its the major fact of how much does a heat pump cost? It happens when you are changing your old thermostat with the new one which has some additional controls.

In various cases, wiring of the house which usually communicates between heating pump and thermostat must be updated. Especially, high voltage breakers and wiring in the electric panel must be updated and resized.

This type of high voltage task required a specialized licensed electrician. Your professional HVAC contractor must inform you about this and coordinate with the licensed electrician, just to complete the task efficiently.

While all these things are not included in all jobs. Ask your professional HVAC contractor that the present electrical work of the house will provide support with the system which I have in my mind. 

Modification in the electrical work add $100 to $600 in the final cost of heating pump installation.

Modification of the ductwork in the installation of heat pump:

Most of the houses have adequate system of ductwork but new or I say modern houses need some modification in the ductwork. So, this modification of ductwork is an important fact of how much does a heat pump cost?

Especially, your ductwork should be accurately sized with the HVAC equipment. If the size of the ductwork, then you are wasting your system efficiency.

Inaccurate size of the ductwork creates hot or cold spots in the house and decrease the life span of the HVAC system and you will see a major increase in operating cost.

Sales representative of HVAC System should perform a proper duct analysis when he visits the house. By doing this you can easily determine that your ductwork is properly sized or not. Modification in the ductwork ranges from small to substantial investments.

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Total cost in the installation of heat pump:

Now you understand easily that how much does a heat pump cost? And what factors are involved in increasing the overall cost of heating pump.

Heating pump equipment and cost of installation are:

  • Entry level heating pump: Ranges from $4,900 to $7,000.
  • Mid-Range heating pump: Ranges from $5,500 to $10,000.
  • High End heating pump: Ranges from $6,500 to $12,500.

One of the biggest factor which separates all these tiers that your heating pump is one stage or two stage or might have variable capacity.

In these ranges, all the factors and possibilities, also list of modification which is mentioned above are included. Labor costs are also included as I mentioned before.

However, in these ranges replacement cost of a furnace is not included which is necessary in equipment matching. Well, best heating pump normally depends on the budget and your heating/cooling needs. But in various way you are able to reduce the heating pump initial cost.

Rebates or Tax credits of the heat pumps:

Existence of rebated or tax credits just because of variety of reasons. Based on the model of heating pump you select, you might be eligible for one and more of the following:

Rebates are offered by manufacturers instead of giving incentives.

Well utility companies normally offer rebates for the various furnace types and air handlers, air conditioners and also on heating pump.

Energy-tax-credits are only available on the high efficiency heating or cooling products.

Well the best option is to consult with the tax professional in order to get complete tax benefits, professional HVAC contractor having complete information about all these things according to the projects.

Rebates and tax credits might not always be available for your new heat pump. Always ensure that you ask everything before signing the contract dotted line. If you read all the information clearly and carefully then you know all the things easily that what are the factors involved in installation that how much does a heat pump cost?

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Quality of heating pump installation:

Professional HVAC contractor should tell you everything about each factor which affect the overall cost of heating pump. They identify such issues which increase the total price of your HVAC system.

Above all the things, professional HVAC contractor follows the specification provided by manufacturers in order to install the system accurately and properly.

The proper and accurate HVAC installation is an important step because it is able to increase or decrease life span of the system. So, professional HVAC contractor should perform a proper and accurate installation of the system. Now, I hope you get the answer of this question that how much does a heat pump cost?

Here are some articles mentioned below through which you will learn more about HVAC SYSTEM and get more comfort from the system.

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