Furnace Installation Process Step by Step (Complete Guide)

Here we discussed about the furnace installation process step by step, that’s also very important and good for HAVC companies’ practice of furnace unit installation? Also, how to ensure furnace efficiency and ease using the new systems?

furnace installation process

It’s very important for everyone to know that how to install furnace. Because installation of furnace is very complicated and tough process. Basically, we encountered the biggest misunderstanding that the many people think HVAC equipment’s is analogous to a microwave or a refrigerator: just plug in and the equipment is ready to use.

To acknowledge the process of furnace, there’s no need to become a person who know how to install a furnace. That is why, the article is create in such a way to tell you the working of furnace, at some point it’s become technical but don’t worry our main goal is to provide you why best installation practice is very important? And how furnace works?

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So, in this way you can grip your HVAC worker accountable. Sadly, most of the important steps which we discussed in this article are getting skipped by the contractors in the furnace installation. We discussed because it’s your right to get better and accurate information.

Before furnace installation process:

Let’s begin with that moment when you meet with the sales man. Why? Because there is so much things which matters a lot in this process at this day.

Know The Types of HVAC System:

Firstly, you need to understand what types of furnace you want. Because there are variety of elements of HVAC equipment’s. Some different types HVAC systems are duct-less mini-split systems and a wall unit attached with window and which installation cost is better.

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Electric Furnace:

  • It is used on that places where there is not so much intense weather.
  • Installation of this furnace is easy.
  • It uses very less energy specifically in that region where temperature is above freezing.

Gas Furnace:

  • This type furnace work best in harsh weathers.
  • It is uses less operating cost instead of electric furnace.
  • It is highly efficient and warm your house quickly.
  • Oil Furnace
  • It’s also work better in strong winters.
  • No monthly cost instead you are paying only for oil.
  • Its uses a tank which include additional cost in you budget.

The Bad Way:

Makes a fast suggestion of furnace based on the size of your homes.

Bad Ways

The Good Way:

  • You have to calculate an exact calculation of load and Consider some important factor such as insulation, windows quality and sizes, also mark that factors which effect on your furnace power.
  • Check the size of furnace Check the size of furnace ductwork
Good Ways
  • that it would be accurate to provide the airflow of your new furnace system. (it take the supply form furnace to the air duct and the returning air turns back to the furnace blower’s motor).
  • Basically, all types of furnaces are not same. Furnaces are in different sizes. So, analyse the size of that area where you have to install furnace.
  • Check to ensure that the previous used gas lines and electrical wirings are present if present then remove them at first because it’s not safe. Many house owners didn’t know about this.
  • Depending on what kind of furnace you choose, latest chimney flue liner and might be PVC drain line should be installed. In order to compensate to these outcomes, you need to take measurements.
  • You want any system which is very necessary for the both warm and cold temperature. Because blower motor in the furnace moves for both heating and cooling purposes so that’s why we need an equipment which is compatible for both purposes.

If you are leaving all these things unchecked, then it may lead to cause big problem in future.

 If you are not having properly sized air ducts that cause more damage, then what you expect. So, in result you will get 10% to 30% high utility bills and your equipment works harder which leads to break down. This is all, because when contractor visits your house he did not give proper time to check things properly and didn’t perform proper installation process. Many house owners face big problems just because of improper system installation. So, by ensuring such things is a good way to avoid many continuing problems.

Things Need to Be Done Before Installing:

 Now, it’s the right time to get up and take your all tools and work on furnace installation.

Ok, I am just kidding. Basically, this is the time to relax and trust your HVAC contractor to work on furnace installation. But it’s not right to sit quietly because in this matter you have to get involved to know that everything works fine.

Before HVAC installation begins, there are many things which are going to happens at that day such as:

  • The constructor or installer must have to discuss the details of your equipment with you. Just to make you clear that you got the correct furnace. If there is any doubt, just ask the installer that you have to see the model number of the unit of furnace which ready to being installed.
Furnace list
  • The team of installer should lay down the floor covers to protect you house, where everyone is walking or travelling.
  • Check around the area of furnace, just to make it clear that it is safe for home and installer (the people are working) on furnace installation and also who is working nearby.

Checking Safety:

An installation team going to check safety in a series before and during furnace installation process.

There are many things which include before HVAC installation process begins such as:

  • Shutting down the breaker which is connected with electricity to run furnace.
  • Shutting down the fuel lines and gas lines in case of gas furnace if present.
  • Also, check the harmful materials in other area which may fall down during furnace installation.
Safety of furnaces

Is it hard to install a furnace?

 Many people ask that is it hard to install a furnace, basically when a single person is going to install a furnace then it will take so much time and it’s not safe as well. Also, single person is not able to check safety in a same way as installer team can do. Because there are so many small chances of accidents due to sharp and heavy metals, and powerful tools which are used during the completion of furnace installation process. Even the fully trained installer must have a partner to work with during the installation process.

Removal of Previous Equipment:

For removing the previous furnace, there are few things that need to disconnected from the furnace.

 Installer team will disconnect such as:

  • Venting
  • Electric wiring / Gas lines.
  • Ductwork

Also, disconnect all the thing which are connected to the previous furnace.

furnace filters installation
furnace filters

During all this process, the arrangements are also going to make in that area where new furnace will be installed.

Some requirements are:

  • Clean the dust / dirt which often get under the furnace unit.
  • Clean the every entering points of ductwork. Because the duct work often contains a lot of dust which is combined over months and years. So, its need to be clean before system installation. Also, it increasing the health of the HVAC equipment’s.
  • Sometimes the evaporating coil which is used for the air condition side is being maintained or repaired and now this is the best time to ensure that evaporating coil is clean or not.

 If the new furnace dimension is different from the previous furnace dimensions, then some alteration need to be conducted to the ductwork which is essential to ensure the smooth flow of air once the furnace installation is completed.

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Another task is done which depends on where furnace filters is placed. So, some alteration may need to be done on the walls.

“Nothing will be surprised for you when your furnace will be installed on the installation day or if it will be surprise to you that it’s mean the installation team didn’t do his job properly”

So this will help you a lot in installation of your HVAC System.

Installation of New Furnace:

Here we discussed some steps of furnace installation process. The arrangements of some things such as plenums and gas lines, wiring which is mentioned in the end is basically the most important part of full installation of furnace.

Yet, when most of the people think of HVAC installation process at that time they are actually thinking about the primary HVAC system unit.

Air flow is very important key, if it doesn’t properly manage in the furnace installation process then the entire task will be diminished. So, when the new HVAC system unit is ready to placed. Some important elements need to structure in such a way that everything goes in a right flow.

These things are:

  • Flue lining.
  • Plenum.
  • Electrical Wirings etc.

Check Air Leakage:

If you need a direct shot enter into plenum and then from plenum to the system of ductwork. Some instances transition is developed to run towards plenum, just to ensure that there is no excessive leakage of air.

This is all because installers are working with the electrical tools or might be working with wood tools and absolutely working with metal tools which is used for sheet. So, in this way they are able to cut and bend, fold the sheet made up of metal accurately to make the correct flow of air. All this process required a great care.

Once the HVAC system unit is in place, make it sure that it is separate from the floor by using the pad made up of rubber. The other solutions are also similar like that. The main and very important thing is that; the metal of furnace should not touch the ground.

If the metal furnace is touching the ground, then it will absorb the moisture out from the ground immediately.

Check Connection and Sealing:

Once the furnace is placed, now it’s time to make all lines connection and sealing of unit take place.

A caulk gun is used with the HVAC caulk, that is used to cop up with the pressure inside the furnace system.

At this time, Electrical and also fuel line are reconnected. For the sophistication of HVAC system unit an additional wiring needs to be install to run the furnace. It’s very rare but this a better finding when upgrading to the modern new system.

Well, this is rarer to install a new breaker. For this purpose, a licensed electrician needed. If this part is not important and can be skipped, then all the electrical work can be handled by HVAC technicians.

Normally, there is an isolated breaker in the furnace. The wiring remains similar and indistinguishable to the previous HVAC system.

When it is completed, it is very fascinating to think that the process of furnace installation process is “completed”.  But not yet, we are almost there.

Steps After Furnace Installation:

Furnace installation process job is completely done. Now, you are using your furnace and enjoying the warm room comfortably.

While the furnace installation is completed itself. . But there are few important steps you must have to take guarantee so, that your investment is paying off in full:

  • Replace your filters by following the schedule. By following the schedule, you can replace your filter easily at a fixed time. So, your filter does not become clogged means it’s very bad for your furnaces.
  • After one year of furnace installation, you have to contact with your HVAC company for proper furnace maintenance.
  • It’s also better for you to accept the maintenance plans if the company of your HVAC system offers then simply “accept it” and relax about the maintenance of your furnace.

There’s a huge disparity between neglected furnace system and the maintained system because neglected system uses 30% to 50% more energy which raises high utility bills. Also, it decreases the life span of your furnace. So, these are few important steps to avoid.

Commissioning of HVAC Systems:

Basically the commissioning is modern way to tell the customer that we test your HVAC system completely. It doesn’t mean that you just have to test the HVAC system that it may or not turn on and how the system runs.

If I describe commissioning properly, it means company will test the whole HVAC equipment that it is running perfectly or not. It takes at least one hour to measure many calculations.

What are the things which are calculated?

It calculated the things like:

  • Static pressure.
  • Temperature which increasing rates at different levels of furnace power.
  • CFM of air flow(cubic-feet-per-minute).

And many various pressure and the parameters.

The two important steps regarding commissioning such as:

  • All the test is taken to assure that safety codes and manufacturer is running HVAC equipment.
  • There are many HVAC contactors skip this step.

If you skip all these adjustments from commissioning, then these results will occur such as:

  • Hot / Cold spots in the rooms.
  • Inaccurate flow of air.
  • Equipment with full of noise.
  • Decreases the life of your furnace.
  • Increasing in rates of utility bills.

It also makes many things worse on the side of air conditioning. All this is due to blower motor is fixed with both systems. Basically blower motor is used to move air. If this is not properly collaborated, then it will cause bad flow of air for heating also for the cooling purpose. So, during the furnace installation process you need to go through the commissioning services.

Review your furnace settings:

This is the right time when the installer will be discussed everything with the owner of house. Also, this include that how many things will be installed in the furnace installation. 

Installer will show you how to replace filters by yourself. They also tell you that what type advance functionality is present in your furnace thermostat and about setting of heat.

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review settings

Lastly, you are able to listen the new furnace turning on and off sound. Also, you can ask all the remaining questions about furnace installation from installation team.

Importance of Good Installation:

If you got anything from this article, that would be very beneficial for you in installation practices. Furnace installation practices play a vital role in the heath, comfort and the safety of your new furnace.

The main important thing is that, you choose that HVAC partner who will exact work step by step instead of doing things roughly and save their time and money.

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