Rinnai Vs. Navien Water heater: which one is better?

Well, we all know that it’s not a secret that Rinnai and Navien are the best brands in industry of house appliances especially when we talk about the high quality water heaters.

Rinnai Vs. Navien

Rinnai maintained its position as a leader of house appliances industry while the navies also gives very tough competition in this field because navien offers budget friendly gas appliances with very high performance in which water heaters are also included.

Rinnai Vs. Navien, both brands are very popular in the industry of water heaters. We will give you detailed valuable insights comparison of rinnai vs. Navien in which features of brands and performance, efficiency, customer satisfaction and reliability included. Just to give you proper understanding that which one is better for your house.

Rinnai Vs. Navien:

Let’s compare all the features and important aspects which both brands are known for delivering.

Durability and longevity:

Well, durability and longevity indicates that how long this device will go and bear with the damages or deterioration over a long period or not. That’s why, any product with great durability earn a great reputation in the long run.

So, if we go with the consumer experiences, Rinnai vs. Navien. Rinnai is better than navien because rinnai appliances have more durability and longevity ratings than navien. There’s not any significant difference. Because various users influenced by the rinnai strong brand reputation.


For more clear understanding of which brand has great longevity and durability, we have to examine what kind of products they are using. Well, both brands rinnai vs. navien uses high quality material and parts which are basically resistant to corrosion, build-up of scale and wear. Rinnai and navien uses stainless steel for making heat exchangers and this thing is considered as most important addition.

Both rinnai vs. Navien uses such type of venting materials which is best for corrosion resistance, durability and heat tolerance.

Rinnai gives 2 PVC and CPVC with PP venting options. But navien expands all its options with the PVC and CPVC with the rigid polypropylene.

Well, it’s clear that both rinnai and navien uses high quality premium materials which guarantees about long lasting and durability of the product.


Right now. We are aware that the two brands use premium components in the creation of their goods. So, let’s discuss about the warranty that both brands are giving to its users. As we discussed earlier that rinnai has great durability ratings and a better reputation over navien.

However, navien also provides a better extended-warranties on their water heaters. Navien offers 15 years’ warranty of heat exchanger and 5 years’ warranty of its parts and 1-year warranty for the reasonable labor.

On other side, rinnai tankless water heater offers 5 years’ warranty for all parts and 10 years’ warranty for the heat exchanger. So, we know that navien tankless water heaters has a slightly edge over the rinnai tankless water heaters for giving the better warranties of their products especially in water heaters.


Performance of each brand matters a lot to its users. If the product is unable to give the best performance, then user gives bad rating to it.

Now, in the comparison of rinnai vs. navien, we compare the performances of tankless water heaters. In order to determine the performances, we choose the few important performance matrices for the evaluation of advantages and the strengths of both brands.

Energy Saving Capabilities:

Basically, energy efficiency indicates that how affectively your water heating system transfer such amount of energy which is needed for producing hot water with the minimum loss of energy. So, that’s why efficiency of energy is very important because it effects on your house energy bills and create impacts on the environment.

Both rinnai and navien uses modern technology in order to produce high quality energy efficient tank-less water heaters. Navien install condensing technology in their tankless water heaters through which navien appliances becomes a greater energy saver.

But in rinnai tankless water heaters the heat exchangers is made with the copper and uses other modern technologies designed in such a way to optimize the efficiency of heat exchanger and faster the process of water heating.

So, now we know that both rinnai and navien tankless water heaters are the best and energy efficient water heaters. Few latest models of tankless water heaters of navien and rinnai having efficiency of energy above 90%. Rinnai having a slightly greater efficiency rate instead of navien.

Heating capacity of Navien and Rinnai:

Heating capacity comes under the important parameter when it’s time to evaluate the performance and the water heaters suitability especially in the tankless water heaters.

In short, heating capacity gives you valuable and straightforward insights through which we determine easily that water heaters deliver the hot Water in a great quantity in how much time.

When we are evaluating the both brands rinnai vs. navien regarding heating capacity then firstly we look towards such waters heater which comes with highest BTU. Well, if you don’t what is BTU then BTU is (British thermal unit) which is used to measure the heating capacity.

Navien best model, NPE-240A2 ultra is one of the highest efficiency condensing water heater which offers the heating capacity ranges from 13,300- 199,900 (BTU/h)

On the other side, Rinnai RU199iN is the top notch model which comes with the heating capacity of 199,900(BTU/h). Generally, this model is described as “Super Higher Efficiency Plus” tankless water heater. Also, this model is very compact and very easy installation and its very suitable for the indoor locations.

Btu of Water heaters

So, it’s clear that both water heater brands having similar heating capacity. But in the favour of Rinnai, performance of all the rinnai systems are more instead of naviens.

Flow rate:

Flow rate is the other parameter through which we can easily evaluate the performance of Rinnai and Naviens tankless water heaters. Especially, it measures the flow of hot water from your unit to many fixtures or appliances in the house.

Flow rate normally measured in the gallons-per-minute (GMP) or in liters-per-minutes (LPM). It normally indicates that the volume of the hot waters which is produced by the tankless water heaters and deliver at the specific temperature rise.

Basically, flow rate plays an important role in determining that water heater fulfil your demand of hot water in your house fastly or not. When you are going to purchase new water heaters you must have to consider flow rate feature seriously.

When we are comparing Rinnai Vs. Navien, it’s a noticeable thing that Rinnai normally offer various options of flow rate in order to accommodate many size of houses and the demands of hot water. Wondering why?

Well, the max flow rate or navien tankless water heater is having 11.2 (GMP) which is represented by Navien top notch model NPE-240A2.

But the highest flow rate of tankless water heater by rinnai is 9.8 (GMP) which is represented by RUR98eP water heater model. Such water heaters are normally suitable for the outdoor usage.


When considering the both brands prices, Navien is very affordable instead of Rinnai. But for few products of Navien, installation cost is also lower instead of Rinnai. Well, additional Rinnai prices usually comes due to high energy efficiency, advance and modern technology or due to its features. Due to strong brand reputation of Rinnai, they are very confident about higher prices of their products compared to the quality and features of its products.


In such situation we recommend you to compare all the features, saving costs in long term, energy efficiency cost and warranty of both brands.


Navien has not been at the top of the market as long as Rinnai has. That’s why Rinnai is having variety of products which comes with the great efficiency and advance technology. Rinnai offers a wide range of tankless water heaters which is more suitable for the various applications as compared to the navien.

But navien remain as the strongest player in market, because it offers variety of models which is best for such people who is very conscious about budget.

Usage of Technology:

Employs of both Navien and Rinnai brands using best and modern technology in order to fulfil the demand and give best customer experience. They actually pioneered their best and highest efficiency technology just to make sure that their products get high levels of energy efficiencies.

use of technology

Also, Navien and rinnai uses recirculation pump which basically eliminates the delay and provide you hot water whenever you need. Rinnai also uses “Smart-Circ Technology” just to give faster and good output.

Various Navien models usually have buffer technology which work is to control the fluctuations of temperature and deliver consistent and better or comfortable supply of hot water.  On other side, Rinnai water heaters have freezing protection technology just to safeguard the water heater from freezing in the cold climate or cold weather.

So, Rinnai Vs. Navien both utilizing the best and modern technologies in order to manufacture the premium quality of tankless water heaters.

Which one is best?

That is dependent upon your individual inclinations. If you read all the discussion of Rinnai Vs. Navien, then you know that both Rinnai and Navien are so much close because both are delivering high efficiency through which you are able to save money for longer period of time.

When we discuss about heating capacity Rinnai is better instead of Navien. Currently, between these two brands Navien gives high flow rate tankless water heaters. Navien is the greatest option if you’re thinking about the cost of the product and installation. Well, it’s totally depend upon you that which one suits you according to your needs.

Energy efficiency of tankless water heater


Navien having the advantages like pricing and flow rate but Rinnai having advantages like heating capacity and reputation of brand. Moreover, in the terms of efficiency and utilizing the modern and advance technology, both Rinnai and Navien both are closed to each other or I say closely matched like both brands maintaining neck to neck competition.

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