What’s a Humidifiers? And How Does It Helps Indoor Air Quality

When we discussed the indoor air quality, so here we Consider the health levels, comfort and safety of the house. There is one way, through which you are able to improve the air quality in the house just by utilizing humidifiers.

Well, frankly speaking if you are having rough, dry and itchy skin then the main reason for this is level of humidity in the house. I am ready to discuss about what’s a Humidifiers? And How Does It Helps Indoor Air Quality.  So, let’s start.

Here I am attaching the video. In this video you will know that what’s a humidifier? And How Does It Helps Indoor Air Quality? Also, we discussed benefits and cost of the humidifiers. We also know that humidifiers are right for your house or not. At the end of this video you will know the complete basics and get the answer of this question how humidifiers will be able to increase the indoor air quality. So, let’s start from what’s a humidifier? and How it really works?

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What’s a Humidifier? And how it really works and improve indoor air quality?

Basically, it is a device which increases humidity, moisture in air. Humidifier takes water vapours by using the distribution tray to the system of duct, which normally adjusts the level of humidity and prevents from harmful materials which is coming from the air.

Keep the level of humidity in the house balanced from 35%- 50%, because it is the ideal measurements for your comfortness and health. When installation of whole house humidifier,


it also worked with your HVAC system. So, in this way you are free from turning it on and off duty repeatedly.

What are the benefits of humidifier?

Now, we have to discussed about some benefits of humidifiers. Some benefits are:

  • It decreases respiratory problem.
  • Increasing your personal comfort and eliminate all type of symptoms such as scratchy throat, itchy and dry skin.
  • Also, save your house floors made with hardwood from wall cracking.
  • Save your house equipment like electronics and paints from getting damaged.
  • Biggest benefit is it can save you from money and higher consumption of energy by just keep your thermostat level at lowest temperature.

Cost of Humidifier?

Average humidifier cost which house owners spends on the installation is $610 -$1000 by utilizing professional service.

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Average installation humidifiers cost$610-$1100

What are the main factors which effect the pricing of humidifiers?

The pricing depends upon the size and tightness of your house and also it depends on what amount of air comes inside from windows and the doors of your house.

Is a humidifier the right choice for your house?

When you feel uncomfortable and sense many health problems like dry and itchy skin, sinus and bloody noses or you notice sudden increase in electricity.

There is one another reason is that when you are feeling cold even when the thermostat temperature is at higher point. The one reason is when the thermostat temperature already is at higher point at this point humidifier are not able to work. Because when people where already temperature is at higher point and level of humidity is higher than you don’t need any humidifiers for your house.

Should we place humidifier in baby room?

Yes, because it helps your child to stay away from many allergies like dry skin etc. utilize cool air humidifiers for the child’s room just to prevent from any incident. Installation of humidifiers inside child’s room, you have to place it approximately 4 feet far from the child’s bed. You have to place the humidifier at that point of height where children can’t reach to that place like on the shelf.

Can you make the humidifier smarter?

Well, in the market there are many gadgets like smart thermostat and smart air conditioner controller because these gadgets come with the humidity sensor. So, through this way these gadgets paired with the humidifier (IR Remote) and help you to get the ideal temperature setting for your house.

Also, you are able to control the setting from your cell phone and also manage the level of humidity by just using your phone even if you are not at house.

Can We get Silent humidifiers?

Well, all types or models of humidifiers produce noises. But the one ultrasonic humidifier makes very less sound instead of other humidifier types. In the market, any type or model of humidifier are not present which produce no sound.

Does Humidifiers need maintenance?

Humidifier create moisture in air, humidifier must be clean for efficient working. If we left the humidifier uncleaned for long time, then the tank of water become the point of breeding for germs and harmful bacteria’s.

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When Humidifiers filter will be changed?

Many professional manufactures suggest that filters should be changed after 3 months. If you are using water from tap, then you have clean humidifier filters more frequently because the minerals in the tap water produce more germs and bacteria’s if filters not cleaned properly. So, cleaned filters provide you more fresh and germ free moisture and make the room environment more fresh and healthy.

Cool and Warm Humidifier Which Is Best for utilization?

Both types of humidifiers have same type of functions like increasing level of humidity in the house. Choose any humidifier which suits you according to your choice.

Well, I recommend you that choose cool humidifier if you are having pets or children in the house. Because humidifier with warm air contain hot water inside the tank. Place your humidifier at some height like on shelf where children and pets are not able to touch the humidifier. Warm humidifier contains heating elements which increases the risk of burning.

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Now What is the Next Step:

Now you are having complete information about Humidifier and its working, benefits and cost and many other information related to humidifier. So, if you like to read more information about heating systems or air conditioners. Checkout our more articles to get complete knowledge about HVAC systems.

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