How Much Does A Cost of Duct Insulation?

Well, the average cost of duct insulation is $2000 to $2600. But you might have to pay in a range of $1000 to $2,800 for the 10 square feet ductwork insulation.

Cost of Duct Insulation

Basically, in the hot and warm summer days, you need cold atmosphere in order to get comfort and in colder days you need warm and cozy environment for you and your family to get comfortable.

That’s all happens due to proper insulation of ductwork. Basically, insulating HVAC ductwork able to decrease your energy bills and make’s your whole house temperature best and easier. In this article, you will get complete details that what are the benefits of insulating ductwork and what is the cost of insulating ductwork. Also Read: Rinnai Vs. Navien Water heater: which one is better?

How Much Does a Cost of Duct Insulation by Material:

One of the biggest factor which normally increase your overall cost is that which type of you are going to use. Because the ductwork insulation comes in various forms that’s why the average cost will depend on it thickness and on material through which it’s made.

Some types of insulation ductwork are mentioned below:

  • Duct liner.
  • Ductwork Wrap.
  • Spray Foam.
  • Duct Board.

Now, let’s discuss each of the above mentioned types in detail.

Duct Liner:

The average cost of duct liner insulation for 1000 square feet is around $1900 to $2,250. Well, if you are going to install new HVAC system, then you have the easiest and best affordable solution is to apply duct Liner before installing new sheet of metal duct.

Normally, it comes in two different types one is 1 to 2-inch-thick and flexible blanket and other in rigid board of fibre glass or in minerals wool.

Duct Wrap:

Normally, the average cost of duct Wrap insulation is from $2,300 to $2,500 per 1000 square feet. Duct Wrap insulation basically it’s a blanket insulation which wrapped around the metal ducts on a exterior side. It’s very easy install on the rectangular and circle ducts.

cost of duct insulation

Spray Foam:

Basically, this Foam type material when sprayed it will expand 100 times more than its original size and close all the cracks, crevices in order to block air leakages. Well, the average cost of spray Foam is around $2300 to $3500 only for 1000 square feet.

How much does a cost of duct insulation

Duct Board:

So, the average cost of duct Board insulation is around $5200 to $5500 for 1000 Square Feet. Basically, it normally a 2-inch-thick boards which is made up of fiberglass or with the mineral wool which outer layer is covered with aluminium in order to seal the air and moisture.

I hope now you guys knows what are the types of insulations and what are the cost of insulation according to its type.

Breakdown the Cost of Duct Insulation:

Well, multiple factors like labor and material cost affect the overall cost of ductwork installation. Because every project has it own style and the cost of every project is different. We will have discussed each and everything that what are the things affect the overall cost in detail.


One of the major thing is material, basically overall cost depends on the material cost. Because, if you choose expensive material, then the overall cost will be increased. Some of the common insulation material cost are mentioned below.


Basically, the labor cost of ductwork insulation will depend on the that which type of insulation you choose for you house. It depends on the thickness and the location where installation is being done in your house. Generally, you have to pay $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot extra for the labor alone.

labor cost of duct insulation


There is some requirement which is done by IECC for the ducts. It’s like a code for the different ducts. Attic ducts should be in larger than 3 inches in the diameter. For example, they must have a minimum thickness of R-8 and those all ducts which are smaller than 3 inches, then the minimum size of thickness should be R-6.

Especially, for the ducts which is less than 3 inches, then the insulation thickness should be R-4.2. Basically, thicker insulation increases the temperature retention and overall reduces the noises. One thing you have to keep in your mind that higher R values comes with the higher price tags.

What is the cost to insulate the ductwork by yourself?

Ductwork insulation is very tough and labor intensive task because you have to reach different areas of house where sometimes it’s feel very difficult to reach at certain areas of house. So, it necessary for you to do a proper research and analyses everything that you are having equipment’s or not before starting project.

Well, if you go with my recommendation, then I will recommend you to hire a professional contractor or get estimate that what’s the average cost of insulation ductwork. Because through this you know that how much money you put when you doing by yourself and how much money pros get to do the work. Also Read: Do Ductless Bathroom Fans Remove Moisture?

Also, I will tell you one thing that attic and the roof installation requires special equipment’s that’s why only professional will this work accurately. If you do this by yourself. You have to spend money on tools and you will save the labor cost of $0.40 per square foot. Some of the tools and its cost are mentioned below:

Insulation material$1.80 to $5 per square foot
Dust mask$13 per pack
Hammer$10 to $20
Safety glasses$5 to $20
Straightedge ruler$15 to $25
Utility knife$7 to $10

Why We Have to Insulate the ducts?

There are several benefits of insulating ductwork. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Minimum energy loss like heating and cooling.
  • You will see a major decrease in energy bills.
  • Reduction of carbon footprints.
  • Maintained indoor temperature by insulating ducts.
  • Reduce many allergens and improve the house air quality.

How do I know that we are having enough insulation?

If you are facing higher energy bills and notice that your HVAC system works harder than usual, then it means that you need to insulate the ductwork. And other way is to hire a professional energy auditor in order to know the insulation. I hope this articles helps you in understanding that how much does the cost of insulating ductwork and why we need it. If you need more information articles like this, then be with us and share information with others as well.

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