How Much Does a Blower Door Test Cost?

Normally, the average cost of blower door test cost is about $325. But depending on various conditions and factors you have to pay $200 to $450. Through this test you are able to check in how much amount your house is leaking air.

Blower Door Test Cost

So, by finding all the leakages, you are able to fix such leaks very easily in order to prevent air leakages. In this article, we will examine how much does a blower door test cost? Also, you can understand that how house owners and house builders can get benefits from blower door test.

How much does a blower door test cost? and What is blower door test cost?

Blower door test is the simple test through which you can easily check whether your house structure is air tight or not. Its normally designed to check air leakage in the walls, attics and mechanical penetration. Basically, blower door test evaluate that how much air is passing through the drafty walls instead of that how good the structure of your house is insulated.

If your house is not properly sealed, then you will face higher energy bills, comfort issues and also you will face mold and rot issues which is normally caused my moisture.

This blower door test easily carried out on the residential, commercial houses and industrial buildings. Also, I will tell you that in some states they are normally required by the code just for the residential house. So, always you have to check with local building codes.

blower Door Test Cost. What is Blower Door Test Cost

Average cost for a blower door test?

Well, you wanted to know what ls the average cost of blower door test cost is?  So, average cost of blower door test cost is $325 but its possible that you have to spend between $200 to $450 due to different factors and conditions.

Normally, you think that it’s not necessary to spend specific amount on the diagnosis instead of putting all the money for fixing all the air leakages which is present in the air ducts and walls. But through the blower door test, you can easily understand that where all your money goes and to know that’s issues of air leakage is present or not.

Ultimately, if you spend money on the blower door test , then you don’t have to spend money in future on the heating and cooling and sealing costs. Basically, the blower door test cost covers almost all the actual testing process in which door with powerful fan suck out all the air which is present in your house in order to measure the differences in the air pressure.

Blower Door Test Cost

Additionally, local energy audit companies normally provide you a detailed report of their findings. Also, few pricing options are present in the audit report just for sealing and caulking different sources of air leakages in your house.

Does my building or house need a Blower door test?

Normally, those who want high performance certifications or high ratings like LEED. Then, blower door test is a crucial part of the energy audits. Also, they might be required by the building or energy code which normally depends on the type of structure and the specific requirements of code in your own municipality. So, again check with your local building codes.

New Residentials houses and military or government buildings are the two major types or structures which are being tested.

How long does a blower door test take?

Well, it takes 5 to 15 minutes in order to run the blower door test itself. Normally, it takes 1.5 hours on the standard house.

Prepping of building includes:

  • Closing of all the exterior windows and doors.
  • Opening of all the interiors doors.
  • Close the chimneys properly.

All types of combustible appliances of devices should be turned off or set to the pilot.

What is the best time to conduct the blower door test?

When there will be a large temperature differences between inside and outside. That’s the best time to do a blower door test because thermal cameras works better in such conditions for diagnosis. Normally, blower door test can be done all year around.

Blower door test cost by home type:

Well, the certified blower door tester charge normally charge flat rates per house. So, it means that the types of house may influence the cost. The houses with multiple units not only needs more blowers but also the cost of labor for installation will also be increased. There are three types of houses like single family home, duplexes and apartments complexes.

Home Type Cost
Apartment and Multi-family$600+
Duplex$400 – $800
Single-Family$200 – $450

Single Family Homes:

If you are having one story house or two story house then you have to pay in the range of $200 to $450.

In this scenario, your professionals perform least amount of work because they only have a single one door for the installation of blower fan on, but they have to perform all other tasks in order to set up a situation of a closed home.

  • Close or lock all the exterior doors.
  • Close all the windows.
  • Open all your house interiors doors.
  • Turn all the appliances of gas to pilot.
  • Close vents and HVAC dampers.


If you are having a duplex then, you have to spend approximately in the range of $400 to $800. Because the blower door testers charge more for the duplexes.

Now have a question that why they charge more for duplex? So, don’t worry we will tell you each and everything about it. They charge more for duplex because your professional have to do more work. Not only they have to go through the two units but actually they have to install two blower fans and they have to close all the vents, exterior doors and windows.

Because they have to monitor such blower fans throughout the test. After the completion of blower door test they spend more time in writing two reports that’s why they charge more for duplex. Also Read: Which way does air flow in furnace?

Apartment Complexes:

If you are having multi unit property and you wanted to get a custom quote, but i will tell you that the cost will likely goes upto $800 and could reach into thousands.

Because as many apartments or units are present in your building, then the professionals have to spend more time in preparing each space. And each space requires a separate installation of blower fans. So, the labor time increase due to installation and monitoring.

On average, have to spend $250 to $350 per unit for the multi family houses and apartment building. Also Read: Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Hiring a Professionals VS DIY:

Well, there are many DIY blower door test tips are available and you might see such tips, but we recommend you to left this job to a professional. Because, you have to spend more time in making or recreating high powered tools which are normally used by professionals. In result, you are unable to get best and accurate results.

Plus if you purchase or get some tools on a rent then it will cost you more instead of hiring cost of professional. So, if you want to Spend less in the long run, then simply you gave to hire a professional.

Also, it’s very challenging in order to understand or read all the results of DIY blower door test. So, even if you get access all the equipments, but it’s best to hire a professional in order to get accurate answer regarding the efficiency of your house.

Well, it’s true because if there any leakage in the hidden ductwork and you can’t visually inspect. So, you have to hire a professional for the inspection and for fixing such leaks which improves the over all performance and reduces the risks of  condensation which normally formed on ducts.

Blower door testing also performed by the certified energy auditors with the building performance institutes (BPI) and Duct Leakages (IDL) certifications.

Energy Efficiency programs which provide rebates and incentives won’t recognizes results which don’t comes from the BPI certified contractors. So, again, it pays to hire a pro in this case.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, it’s possible that you can do the blower door test by yourself but DIY test results are not accurate. Not only just the result are not accurate but also you misinterpret the readings or you conduct the whole test incorrectly. It means that amount you spend on the tools is wasted. Average cost of blower door test is $325. This test helps you in the long run and reduces the energy bills. So, it necessary for you to hire a professional like BPI certified energy auditors.

BPI certified contactrator provides quotes for caulking and sealing door replacement, and various other measure which normally helps you in reducing air leakage. Many professionals who conduct blower door test actually analyse the results and find all such areas of inefficiency and tells you the charges of such leakages and install weather stripping and insulation where it would be more beneficial

Blower door test tells you that there’s any leakage around the windows, doors, soffits, vents and other areas of your house. So, if there’s any leakage, then you can use such test results in order to improve your house like weather-stripping around the doors and windows etc.

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