Will HVAC Compressor Run Without Freon?

Well, HVAC Compressor is the component of the air conditioner and its work is to handle the Freon and other types of refrigerant. Basically, there are many different forms of refrigerant is present but Freon becomes the household name now.

Will HVAC Compressor Run Without freon

Refrigerant normally flows through your Compressor and few other parts of your air conditioner, such other parts are evaporator coils and condenser. Every component serves a distinct purpose in keeping your home cool. Without any refrigerant your system is not having cooling power.

Will Compressor Run Without Freon?

Well, answer of this question Compressor Run Without Freon is no Compressor cannot run without Freon or any other type of refrigerant. Basically, Compressor only run with the low level of refrigerant and having some power of cooling.


Compressor Run Without Freon is a frequently asked question but you know that if your air conditioning unit is running without the proper amount of refrigerant then it will cause problems and it’s not recommended by professionals.

HVAC Technicians basically measure the level of refrigerant with the help of gauges when installing the air conditioning unit in the house. Such measurement normally referred as a unit charge. Air conditioning unit maintains this refrigerant level. Your unit only go undercharged if there’s any Freon leakage is present. Also, it mostly happens during installation the technician is not adding the proper level of refrigerant in the unit.

Air conditioners need a proper level of refrigerant in order to perform all the functions correctly. You know undercharged systems will run but the cooling power is reduced. So, in order to provide cooling your system have to works harder and in result to this hard work, your system will break-down.

Basically Compressor is normally designed in a way to handle a specific amount refrigerant. If the refrigerant level is very low, then your system compressor become overheated and once your Compressor overheats then you need to replace your whole system.

Low level of refrigerant also has limited means it absorbs specific amount of heat through evaporator coils which causes your ac to freezing up which result is your air conditioner stops working. Other issue is it consume more energy if the level of refrigerant is very low in your air conditioner.

Now you know compressor Run without Freon is not possible because it damages your air conditioning unit and increases your energy bills. Even if you leave your system unchecked and Freon is leaking then your compressor starts overheating and in result you need to replace your entire HVAC system.

How does refrigerant work?

Basically, refrigerant is the chemical which plays very important role in the process of cooling. Your air conditioning contains the parts like evaporator, compressor and condenser. The refrigerant provides cooling by absorbing all the heat from the air of the house. By this continued process the warm air converts in the cool air once it passes through these areas.

In AC Compressor:

Ac compressor moves the Freon and other type of refrigerant through the air conditioner in order to perform the first step of cooling cycle. This refrigerant basically absorbs the heat which is present in the house air. At that point, refrigerant is warm and having low vapor pressure.

So, compressor apply high energy until the ac refrigerant becomes hot, into a high pressure vapor. Hot and high pressurize refrigerant fulfil two purposes. First, the refrigerant becomes too hot instead of the outside air temperature in order to release the heat which travels from the evaporator coils. Second, high pressure allows refrigerant to flow smoothly through evaporator coils.

In Condenser:

Condenser coils thus allow the refrigerant to discharge all of the heat it has collected from the home’s air. Highly hot pressurize vapor enter in the condenser from your compressor.

Then refrigerant is moving from through the coils of condenser while the AC fan is suppling cool air. In result, fan cool all the refrigerant in condenser coils. So the condenser fins which is made up of metal through the heat to the outside air. When it cools down, the refrigerant condenses and turns into a liquid.

In Evaporator:

Basically, heat and the humidity is absorbed from the outside air of your house in the evaporator. Well, the cool refrigerant is moving through tubing and warm air is passing over the coils. So, refrigerant absorbs all the heat and humidity from the atmosphere of your house and then fan starts blowing cold air through vents. All the warm air moved towards the compressor to outside of the house.

Compressor cooling cycle

Types of refrigerant in the air conditioner:

Normally, air conditioners consume variety of refrigerants and each refrigerant is not interchangeable. AC must have to use only that refrigerant for which it has been designed. Few refrigerants which many people use in the past century, now all such refrigerant are phased out. Now, various new types of refrigerant are present in the market.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) including R12:

CFCs Refrigerant

Similar to Freon, CFCs are no longer produced. It is widely used gas in the past century until it discovered that CFCs contains amount chlorine which affect the greenhouse gasses and reduces ozone layer. CFCs production is totally phased out after 1995.

Hydrofluorocarbon (HCFCs) including the Freon R22:

Hydrofluorocarbon is exactly similar like chlorofluorocarbon but one change in hydrofluorocarbon is that it contains hydrogen atom. HCFCs like Freon 22 or R22 work as a standard refrigerant in the air conditioning unit until 2005. It’s products also stopped due to extra amount of chlorine in the gas which reduces ozone layer.

HCFCs Refrigerant

The AC units which is manufactured after 2010 are strictly prohibited from the usage of HCFCs refrigerant. But such air conditioner which uses R22 is still in use. But the sole sources of R22 are recycled refrigerant and a diminishing inventory. Due to a lack of supply, recharging an antiquated air conditioner with the Freon22 will be expensive.

Hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) including the R410A and R134:

HCFs Refrigerant R410A and R134

Hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) like R410A and R134 are the gases which is totally chlorine free and the best replacement for the refrigerant R22. So, in result air conditioning unit is redesigned for using the HFCs when R22 is totally vanished. That’s why R410A is not useable in the R22 air conditioners. Also, R410A is known as Puron. Through which your AC having high efficiency ratings and give you more comfort and good quality of air and reliability.


R32 is the latest refrigerant in the market but you cannot say that’s it totally new to everyone. Because R32 is the ingredient which is used in the refrigerant of R410A. Eastern or European countries start using this refrigerant instead of R410A in the air conditioning units. It reduces the energy cost and have less impact on the environment instead of R410A. Normal, global warming potential is 70% less instead of R410A. It’s not the refrigerant blend. So that’s why it’s easier to claim and recycle.

R32 Refrigerant

But R32 refrigerant is very dangerous because its highly flammable. R32 replace R410A completely one day or it’s also possible that one-day new refrigerant replaces the both.

Where does Freon go in the central air conditioning unit:

First main thing in the system of refrigerant is that compression of the refrigerant in your systems AC compressor. Basically, the system of refrigerant is a very self-contained type system and design in such a way that refrigerant leakage never ever happens.

 So, that’s why you don’t have to refill your ac refrigerant during regular maintenance. Refrigerant leakage occurs but at that time when your unit becomes too old or due to improper maintenance. It can create weird sound when refrigerant is leaking and your ac starts making noises.

When the annual maintenance is going on. You HVAC professional must have to confirm that the pressure and the refrigerant level is adequate and there’s any refrigerants leakage is present or not. If the technician finds any leakage, then technician needs to repair that leakage immediately and recharge the refrigerant in the compressor.

Important Note:

Recharging of refrigerant in the air conditioning unit is a dangerous process and this task should not be performed by the house owner. Contact with the professional who is having refrigerant certification.


Basically, Freon or any type of refrigerant is necessary for the air conditioners in order to cool your house. Because the refrigerant absorbs the humidity and heat from the house. Various parts are participating in the task of cooling which is handled by the refrigerant, such parts are evaporator coils and condenser.

Compressor Run Without Freon is not possible because air conditioners have a variety of refrigerants. But one think keeps in mind that refrigerants cannot be substituted. CFCs is like a Freon and HCFCs is like R22 gradually replaced with the HFCs which is like R410A. Well, R32 is modern refrigerant in the European or Eastern countries. Because it’s have various possible aspects. But it’s a highly flammable gas.

Air conditioners unit compressor Run without Freon is not possible because they are not able to perform all the functions with the low level of refrigerant. Because compressor require a specific amount of refrigerant to perform all tasks. If you run your compressor without Freon it causes serious damages to your air conditioning unit. It’s also possible when the air conditioning unit is not having proper amount of refrigerant.

You must replace the complete air conditioning unit if its compressor heats up.  Remember the solution is if you find any leakage then immediately contact with professional and repair that leakage and recharge the refrigerant in the compressor in order avoid high energy bills and Freon leakage issue.

Always, check your HVAC professional is certified or not because sometimes your AC is not providing cooling just because of low level of refrigerant and this happens due to not adding proper amount of refrigerant in the unit during maintenance by professional.

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