Everything you know about wall furnace

If you are living in the colder areas and you are having an electric furnace in the home, then in result you will see higher electric bills. Because electrical furnace might not enough to provide heat for every room especially in winters. There are some rooms in your house where heat is not properly delivered and in result those rooms become cold. So the wall furnace is used for heating purpose.

wall furnace

If you have to wear jackets and gloves in the house when you are sitting in those rooms that’s very uncomfortable for you.

So for this problem there is a wall furnace which is also known as wall heater. Wall heater basically fits in your wall just similar as a furnace. It did not produce as much heat as a furnace does but it is having enough capacity to provide heat to a single room.

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Placing wall heaters in the house is a good way to stay warm. But very few people know about the wall furnace means wall heaters. Let’s talk about the installation procedure of wall heater so you can understand properly and choose better one if you are going to purchase.

What is wall furnace?

Wall furnaces also called wall heaters. Wall heater is basically fixed on the roof or wall of that building through which it provides heat to the room. The system often producing heat by fuel burning, but sometimes electricity is used by these units.

Firstly, the air stored inside the internal chamber getting warm and then after heating through combustion or might with some elements of heating it goes out from the front of heater and make your room warmth.

There are three main sources through which wall furnaces produce heat:

  • Tank of propane gas which is stored in the property.
  • Powered by Natural gas from your house.
  • Powered with an electric component.

Costs of wall furnaces:

If you are having a small space and open space, then wall furnace is best option for you. Normally, the cost of wall furnaces from $1800 to $2500 and all this depends on heating source and capacity of heating. The price of wall furnace is half then average air furnaces. Wall units didn’t require any ductwork system so the installation cost is also lower than other furnaces.

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Wall units are direct heaters and they are depending on the natural movement of air. So, if these units are placed far from that place where you want heat then these units become less effective to provide heat to that place where you need.

These units work very well in the smaller spaces but if you place wall units in the bigger house or larger areas then you will get unsatisfactory results.

Safety Measures:

Modern wall units are absolutely safe if they are accurately installed. Like all other heating sources, they all come with some risks. In this case you must have to co-operate with them. So, you have to know about all these problems and get ready for better and safest experience.

furnace safety
  • Always hire professional constructor for installing a wall unit. Gas furnace involved in greater risk instead of electric furnace. Because in gas furnace there are more chances of gas leaks which leads to poisons the air. Many areas have special rules regarding installation of wall units that what types of pipes installed and how you made connections of gas lines.
  • Furnace which is connected with electricity is safer then gas furnace when you are having a professional electrician.
  • Check your furnace and do your wall unit maintenance once in a year. Just to make sure that your furnace works properly.
  • Clean your dust and debris from the heating coils of an electric wall furnace. Just because of dust and debris will be of fire hazard.

Efficiency Ratings of Wall Units:

Wall units are generally designed to provide heat. Efficiency of wall unit is very good. Wall units through air directly to the room. Instead of other furnace blow air into the ductwork.

Now a day’s utilization of fuel and its efficiency rating is 80 to 90% annually (AFUE). Older units which is working with natural draft rather than fan are very less efficient.

Utilization of fuel and its efficiency rating 80 to 90%


Like all other furnaces, the wall units also need scheduled maintenance.

  • Firstly, clean the furnace body outside with the damp cloth. Just to ensure that vents are clean from the dust or dirt. Now, disconnect the power from your furnace and remove the upper cover to access inside of the furnace.
  • Choose duster or a vacuum cleaner with the attachments of soft brushes just to clean the debris and dust from blades, motor and inside of the furnace. If you are having a gas unit then clean the exhaust pipe which leads outside.
  • Wear gloves and mask when you are doing this task. If you are not able to do this task by yourself, then hire the best technician or if you are able to do then use damp cloth to clean the debris from the vent pipe.

Repair of wall unit:

In modern wall units there are many advance function like timers and programs. Yet, if there is something wrong happens, then you can call specialized person to fix the things. Some problems will occur such as:

  • Banging noise.
  • Problems of pilot light.
  • Leakage of gas.
  • Short cycling.
  • Problems related thermostats.
  • Problems related to limit switch.

Tools used in the Installation of wall heater:

HVAC contractor knows everything about the installation of wall units. He tells you everything which you want to know. There are some tools such as:

  • Power drills.
  • Cable rippers.
  • Stud finder.
  • Wire connections.
  • Wall heaters.
  • Measuring tapes.
  • Drywall saw.
furnace tools

How do wall heaters work?

HVAC contractor knows what the best and suitable location to fix the wall unit. Choose that place where wire connection is available because its best for furnace. Don’t installed the furnace behind the doors and another places where the wall unit become blocked because there is a risk of fire in your house.

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  • Then contractor find the stud on a wall and make outline of your wall unit. By using this method, I assure you that you will work efficiently After that installer turn off all the nearby circuits, all this is done before applying a drywall saw just to cut outline of that wall unit.
furnace works
  • Because there are pipes and wires. So, work carefully during all this procedure. Then your HVAC specialist place new breaker in the main circuit panel because wall unit require their own circuit to work properly. And cable is stick with the wall unit and wired up.
  • After that, the cable’s sheathing and wiring cable leads will be removed by a HVAC specialist in order to draw the wire through the heater’s mounting box.
  • The wires are going to be wrapped inside wall space underneath mounting box in result to protect the inner part of wall against heat damage.

Installation completed:

Once your wall unit is fixed, then HVAC contactor screw up all the wall unit and clip your cover plate. After installation HVAC specialist turn on the electricity and check that your wall heater is working properly or not. He is able to replace or repair your wall unit.

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Many people didn’t know about anything about the installation of wall unit. But I will tell you that it is very easy and simple task which can be done very quickly. When the process is finally completed and now you are going to enjoy the comfort from your newest wall heater. Now, you don’t have to cop up with low temperature problem in your house.   

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