Why Does My AC Making Noises?

If you suddenly wonder, why does my Ac making noises? Well, your air conditioning unit does. Old AC units are normally produced many weird sounds like light buzzing noises from your indoor or outdoor units. But modern and efficient AC produces very little sound weird.

why does my ac making noises

If your Ac making noises and such sound is grabbing the attention then, there might be some problem with the AC unit. Well, you cannot ignore your air conditioner weird sounds.

Contact with the HVAC technician in order to check why does my Ac making noises. Immediately, repair your AC if it’s very necessary for you. Well, you are able to diagnose weird sounds problem by yourself. You can easily solve few issues by yourself even if you are not good in such type of tasks.

Why does my AC Making noises?

Many strange noises are coming from the air conditioning unit. Well, you don’t need to concerned about all such noises. But some noises are very strange which is coming from the air conditioner and you need to concerned about such sounds.

how many common types of AC weird sounds?

There are various sounds through which you face ac weird sound like:

  • Banging.
  • Humming.
  • Rattling.
  • Buzzing.
  • Screeching.
  • Hissing.
  • Bubbling.
  • Clicking.
  • Whooshing.
9 Ac making noises

All such noises indicate that there might be few minor problems in your air conditioner.

Banging sound:

Basically, banging sounds are coming from the damaged and broken parts because your compressor starts banging against its framing. Generally, AC compressor circulate the refrigerant between your indoor and outdoor units in order to cool all the warm air which is present in your house.

As time passes, the components of your ac compressor starts getting loosed or damaged. The issues related to compressor is very problematic. Because If your compressor is damaged or broken then you have to replace it immediately.

Well, replacing your ac compressor is very expensive task. So, many house owners replace the whole air conditioning unit instead of compressor replacement.

Banging noises are very common and comes under the list of weird sounds through which you feel that your ac making noises. It’s happens just because of improper connection between blower assembly and the blower motor. Problems like unbalanced inside blower or loosed motor mounts and having loosed fan blades on your blower fan or your compressor fan.

banging ac making noises

If you suddenly hear the banging noises, especially when blower fan is running, at that time such banging noises becomes louder and louder. Immediately, turn off the system. Because loosed and broken parts damage other various parts of your system. Contact with HVAC professional for complete inspection of air conditioning unit.

Humming Noises:

Humming noises are also a common types of weird sounds through which you feel that your Ac making noises but, if you are facing humming sound from your Ac unit then it happens because loosed parts starts vibrating when you turn on your air conditioning unit.

It’s also possible that this type of sound grabs all your attention because your ac making noises? Basically, this sound is coming due to any electrical issue like losing wiring or your relay switch is damaged (Relay switch is a device which starts the outdoor unit immediately after receiving signals from your thermostat).

Call your HVAC technician in order to solve such electrical problems. If you leave such electrical problem unchecked, then it will damage your further air conditioner parts.

Rattling Sound:

Many things like leaves, debris and dirt or sticks clog your AC system through which your AC making rattling sounds from the outdoor units. You can solve this problem very easily.

  • Shut off the power of your AC unit. Remove the surrounding metal cage.
  • Remove all the dirt and debris.
  • Also, clean your air conditioner condenser coils by vacuuming. Smoothly rinsing coils with hose.
  • Apply the cleaner of coil.

Check if there’s any loose parts because loosed parts make rattling noises. So, make sure to check all the screws are tight or not. Also, find the detached parts. For better performance change the air filters in your indoor unit. For replacing or changing air filters. First you have to understand which way does air flows in furnace.

Generally, rattling sound is very common problem in new and old air conditioning units. That’s why this sound is mentioned in the list of weird sounds by which you feel that your ac making noises. Well if you find any loosed parts successfully then contact with HVAC professional in order to get complete inspection and for maintenance because loosed parts damaged other parts of your outdoor unit.

Also, loosed or unbalanced fan in your indoor or outdoor unit creates clanking and rattling sounds. So, your HVAC professional fix your fan back to its original position.

Rattling sounds are usually caused by electrical problems and it happens because your HVAC technician is not doing its job honestly. So, call professional HVAC technician in order to solve this problem before it’s too late.

You have to replace your malfunctioning compressor but as I said earlier many house owners replace their whole air conditioning unit instead of just replacing compressor because it’s very expensive process.

Clicking sounds:

It’s very normal to hear only one clicking sound from your thermostat in the beginning and at the ending of the cooling cycle. But if you hear many clicking sounds when you turn your AC on and off. Then there might some problem with the relay switch or any electrical problem or your contactor haven’t done his job honestly.

Clicking sound is very common problem that’s why its present under the list of ac weird sound. If you hear such clicking sound during your cooling cycle, then it means that there might be any issue with your relay switch or happens due to your thermostat failing.

I suggest you guys that always get your electrical issue inspected by professional HVAC technician. If your thermostat is not the issue, then there’s no need to change your thermostat. But if you have issue in thermostat then, I recommend you to call professional HVAC technician for installing your new thermostat in a correct way.

Hissing Sounds:

Basically, hissing sound indicates that there might be refrigerant leakage from the air conditioner unit. If you don’t know what is refrigerant then for your clarity, (Refrigerant is used by air conditioners in order to remove all the warm air from your house). When refrigerant is leaking then at that time hissing sound is produced it happen because refrigerant is like a gas which is in under pressure.

Refrigerant leaks usually happen from the copper lines which normally the refrigerant. Or there might be any fault in Schrader valve.

Hissing sound is the initial sign that there is high pressure present in your compressor. This hissing sound after some time turn into the squealing sound which is the sign that you are having over pressurized compressor and it’s very dangerous. That’s why hissing sound comes under the list of ac weird sound.

Leak Air ducts also start producing hissing sound. This issue happens due to faulty of expansion valve or you place air filters in the system. I recommend you that always check that air filters which you are going to use is compatible with the system or not.

So, turn off your system until your system is properly inspected by the professional HVAC technician.  Refrigerant leakage and over pressurized compressor is very dangerous and you require professional help in this matter. Only professional and licensed contractor are able to fix this refrigerant leakage issue.

Bubbling sounds:

Well, when we talk about bubbling sound it’s a widespread problem through bubbling you hear that your ac making noises. Basically, bubbling sound indicate that there is so much moisture is produced by your AC system. Or you are having issue with ac drainage pipe. Air filter with full of dirt and refrigerant leakage freeze your AC evaporator coil.

When all the ice starts melting then large amount of moisture flows and accumulate in the drain pan. So, bubbling sound is produced when ac drain pan is having cracked and hole. If you think, you are able to solve this problem then inspect your ac evaporator coil and drain line by yourself. And remember turn off the AC before disassembling the unit.

But, I recommend you that do not change or replace the drain line by yourself. Always contact with professional for this task. Once again, I have to tell you that bubbling sound is produced by the refrigerant leakage. This problem is normally solving by professional HVAC technician.

Buzzing Sound:

Buzzing sound is produced by many issues. From where buzzing sound is coming first find this because it might help you in diagnosing the whole problem.

If such buzzing noises coming from the condenser unit which is present outside. Then, it means that there might be any electrical problem or there’s any fault in relay switch. As I mentioned previously, that relay switch is used to receive signal from your thermostat in order to start the condenser unit.

This sound also coming due to loose fan blades or any dirt and debris which obstruct the flow of air.

Dirty coils and loosed parts in your outdoor units like rubber-isolation feet’s on which your ac compressor sits, also producing buzzing sound.

Well, the severe problem is a leakage of refrigerant. If you notice that your unit is working but the warm air is coming from vents. Then it means the refrigerant is leaking. So, the best way in order to solve this issue call your professional HVAC technician for complete inspection of fan motor and refrigerant leakage and all other issues which is present inside your ac compressor.

If buzzing sound is coming from the indoor-evaporator unit. Then there is any electrical problem in your circuit breaker. If your AC is using more amperage instead of that range which breaker can easily handle, then it starts making buzzing noise and trip circuit breaker. Dirty filters effect on your circuit breaker.

If ice forms on the evaporator coil in your indoor unit is the second major reason of buzzing sound. If the refrigerant is leaking from the refrigerant pipes or any fault in expansion valve and inaccurate installation, then ice forms on the evaporator coils. Ice forms due to dirty air filters which obstruct the flow of air.

You are able to solve this problem. If the noise is coming due to ac freezing up and there’s not any refrigerant leakage.

  1. Turn off your thermostat switch and keep your unit off until all the ice melts.
  2. Turn your thermostat fan on through which air helps to thaw evaporator coils.
  3. Inspect if your air filters are dirty then replace it
  4. After all the ice melts. Turn on your thermostat switch and set your fan to auto. If your coils become freezing and buzzing sound starts again then, contact with professional HVAC technician.

Screeching Sound:

Sounds like screeching, squealing and screaming indicates that there is some problem in the blower motor and in fan motor which is present in outdoor unit or in compressor. You can easily find by just noticing when all these noises occur.

If such noises occurs all the time when you start your air conditioning unit. Then, there is problem with your fan motor which is present in outdoor unit and un blower motor which is present in indoor unit.

And your fan motor becomes old and its right time to change or its having loose belts. You have to lubricate the bearings If the sound is coming from bearings like metal-rubbing against the metals.

This same noise is also caused due to dry bearings or due to broken blower wheels which is present on the blower motor of indoor unit.

If this sound is coming only for 10-15 seconds after turning on. Then, it’s probably the issue of compressor. It means that your compressor is over pressurized or Freon leaks. Immediately, turn off your unit until the professional technician inspect and fix all the problems.

Why Does my Ac Making noises? Next step:

If you hear that your ac making noises then, at first try to find that from where these sound are coming. You are able to solve few issue like changing air filters or clean all the dust and debris by yourself. But for refrigerant leakage, licensed technician is best because it’s very dangerous and require very extensive repairs. Schedule maintenance increase your system life span and its performance.

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