Why is my Water Heater leaking and how to Fix?

Every house owner ask question why is my water heater leaking and how to fix?. This situation is very problematic because leakage from water heater not only damage the appliances itself but also damage your house.

Why is my Water Heater leaking and How to Fix

Especially, when the water heater leaks then at that time you experience cold water and inconsistent water flow and or low pressure or water. It’s very important for you to find the leakage in order to prevent further complications.

What are the Signs of Why is my water heater leaking and How To Fix?

You have to know the signs in order to understand the why is my water heater leaking and how to fix? such issues. If you find any small leakage around your water heater immediately find the source and fix the issue because if you leave such issue unchecked, then you will see a puddle around your water heater.  Well, it very common for water heater to leaks because other sources also played important role in the water heater leakage.

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If you check water heater after some hours and you find that water is evaporated, then water is leaking from other sources. But if the water remains around the water heater then your water heater is leaking. Don’t worry about anything, we will tell you each and everything about leakage through which you can easily understand why is my water heater leaking and how to fix. So, let’s start:

Reasons of water Heater leakage:

There are 5 major reasons with solutions through which you are able to solve this problem easily and understand why is my water heater leaking and how to fix. Such as:

Corrosions and Rust:

Well, the most common cause of water heater is leaking due to corrosions and this normally happens in the old units. When the metal tank become older then metal layer can rust which leads to small holes and cracks. So, you have to check the bottom of the water heater for leakage. If there’s any signs of rust or rusty supply of water through connection.

Solution of this problem: If you find any signs of rust or corrosions then you have to replace the older unit with the new one.

Faulty of tank:

If you find water leakage problem in the band new unit then you have to contact with the manufacturer and plumber for checking. Because there might be a problem or any defect in the tank itself. So, plumber and manufacturer assess the situation and tell you if your new unit have to replaced or not.

Solution of this problem is:

  1. Check Warranty: Review the unit warranty and connect with the manufacturer, if your unit is still covered.
  2. Contact with manufacturer: You have to contact with manufacturer and send the image or video of the issue with detailed information for the solution.
  3. Professional inspection: you have to hire professional plumber for the problems, when you get permission by your manufacturer or when your unit warranty expired.
  4. Replacement or Repairs: Follow the instructions manual for replacing the parts and for repairs or for full replacement.
  5. Expenses of Document: Follow all the procedure of warranty claims and keep all the expenses record which incurred.
  6. Prventive Measure:  One the issue is resolved then implement all the preventive measures in the regular maintenance.

Remember, safety comes first. So, hire a professional for all the tasks. Also read: 5 reasons Why AC Smells Like Vinegar

Issue of Pressure Relief Valves:

Normally, water heater are having pressure relief valves which is used to prevent excessive pressure. if this pressure relief valve is malfunctions then pressure in the tank is too . So, that’s why the tanks leaks. Always check the signs of leakage, if there’s any leakage or dripping of water or pool underneath.

Solution of this problem:

Call a professional technician and solve this issue. If your unit is old, then I will recommend you to replace your water heater with the new one. There are variety of water heater like tankless water heater, tank water heaters, boilers and much more. Pressure relief valve look like >

Why is my Water Heater leaking and How to Fix pressure relief valve

Loose or Faulty in Drain Valve:

Another reason is loos or damaged drain valve result in the water leakage. So, you have to check the water leakage from the bottom of the unit. If there’s any sign of water leakage or moisture then closed the valve tightly or the valve is damaged then change the valve.

Solution of this problem:

  1. Turn off your unit: First of all, switch off the water heater and cut the electricity.
  2. Find and attach the hose: you have to find the valve in the bottom of the tank after that attach the hose and direct it to the safe area of drainage.
  3. Cut the supply of water: Close the supply of water which is connected with the water heater.
  4. Drain your water heater tank: After that open the valve of water heater and drain all the water heater tank, then tight the loosed water heater valve.
  5. Apply Teflon Tape: If the valve is already covered with Teflon tape just tight it but if the valve is not in good condition then you have to apply Teflon tape thread around the valve and then fix the valve tightly.
  6. Turn the Power On: After fixing, again turn the power supply on of water heater.

If still there’s any leakage, then you have to contact with professional for the solution. Do regular maintenance of your unit, because through regular maintenance life span of water heater increases and it prevents the issues like water leakage. Also Read: Why is my furnace blowing cold air?


In the humid environments, water heater produce condensation. Well, this very normal because due to excessive condensation it may appear as a leak. So, insulate the pipes and your tanks in order to reduce the condensation. Also, you have to make sure that there would be no external leaks which contributing in this issue.

Condensation of water heater

Solution of this problem:

  1. Insulate Pipes and Tank: you can se insulating blankets and jackets in order to reduce temperature differences.
  2. Check  leakages: Also, inspect all other sources of water leakage.
  3. Usage of Condensate Pan: You have to place the drain pan for the condensation which is connected to the drain.
  4. Improve the ventilation: Enhance the flow of air and start using dehumidifiers.
  5. Repair the leakage: find the leaks and close all such leaks in order to reach the moist air towards your heater.
  6. Adjust Temperature: Increase temperature slightly but not increase the temperature too high.        
  7. Regular Maintenance: In order to remove the sediment, you have to flush the tank periodically.
  8. Hire a Professional: if the issue still persists, then you have to hire a professional or HVAC technician for the complete inspection.

Why Water Heater leaks From Top, Bottom and Side:

Such location like top, bottom and side of the unit indicates the different issues. So, let’s discuss each of these sides and why it happens:

why is my water heater leaking? How to fix leaking problems from top, bottom and side

Water Heater Leaks From the Top:

Water Heater leaks from the top most happens due to the cold inlet valve and hit outlet valve, Such leaks are repairable and less severe than the leakage from bottom. However, if you leave such issues unchecked, then this issue will cause more serious problem to your unit.

Leakage from the Bottom:

Leakage from the bottom of the water heater is very minor and you have to replace in order to solve this problem. Mostly this issue happens due to the loose or damage valve and tank of the water heater. So, you have to replace the water heater tank, if the water heater tank is corroded and if the valve is issue then you have to tight the loose valve in order to solve this problem.

If the tank is itself start leaking then you have to replace the old unit with the new unit instead of repairing the old unit. Because the leakage happens due to the age, corrosions and rust and sediment build up in the bottom of the tank.

Leakage from the Side:

It happens due to the issue with temperature pressure relief valve. Basically, this valve act as a safety mechanism which allow the hot water and steam discharge from the tank especially when the temperature and pressure inside your unit tank becomes too high.

So, if the valve is leaking then at first you have to check all the settings of temperature and pressure of water heater. If all the settings are correct but unit is leaking, then you have to replace the valve of water heater.

What to do if your Water Heater is leaking:

If your unit is leaking then you know each drip of water cost is $35 per year and in year total 1660 gallons of water wasted. If the water drips one per second then you will waste 8.64 gallons of water per day and 3,150 gallons of water per year. So, if you find any leakage then you have to contact professional for the complete inspection. Also Read: How much does a new furnace replacement cost in 2023


So, now you know why is my water heater leaking and how to fix. If you find any leakage from the top, bottom and side, then you have to check pressure, temperature settings, valve. If anything is not good then you have to repair it or replace it. If you unit old and starts leaking then don’t waste too much money on it but replace it with the new one. Remember, follow all the instruction and techniques which is described in the article.  

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