How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Filters: 6 Easy Steps?

Basically, you have to clean you air conditioner filters necessarily. Because your air conditioner protects you from the harsh weather like hot summer. So that’s why you have to clean your air conditioner filters on a regular basis in order to ensure that your air filters are not clogged or full with dirt or debris.

6 easy steps to clean your air conditioner filters

Well, you know that your air conditioner basic task is to provide cooling to your house. So, if you want that your air conditioner performs it task efficiently then you cleaning your air conditioner filters is very important.

Generally, the air filters in your air conditioner eliminate the dust particles and various allergens. So that’s why the air filters become clogged with dust and debris, when you leave your air conditioner unchecked and not doing proper maintenance of your AC unit.

If you are using clogged filters, then your air conditioner works hard in order to provide cooling to house because the air which is coming from vents is not so much effective. So, that’s why it consumes more energy in order to provide cooling to your whole house.

You can breathe in that air which contains dust and various bacteria but it will cause various allergies and many respiratory problems. So, follow these 6 steps in order to clean your air conditioner filters very easily and keep your house healthy and get more cooling in the summers.

6 steps to clean your air conditioner filters:

Here you will need such 6 things to clean your air conditioner filters. Such things are:

  • Instruction manual.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Brush with soft bristles.
  • Warm water.
  • Soap.

Now let’s start such 6 steps through which you easily clean your air conditioners filters.

Turn off your air conditioner:

In order to avoid unwanted accidents, firstly turn off your air conditioner before the process of cleaning. There’s a wall switch especially if you are having split type of air conditioner. Then turn off that wall switch before cleaning process.

Read instructions manual:

Always check the air conditioner instructions manual in order to know that how to clean and remove the air filters.

So, start with the user’s manual which is usually comes with the air conditioner. If you lost that user manual, then don’t worry about anything because now various companies offer pdf version of user manual of air conditioner. Just download that manual and start work.

Firstly, you have to open your air conditioner front panel in order to get the air filters out from the unit. As long your AC front panel is open then clean few spots. Open the grill of return air filters just to get the filters for the ducted air conditioner unit. Also Read: why ac making noises?

Remove the air filters from the AC unit:

It’s very easy process to remove and clean the air filters. You have to make sure that when you are removing the air filters don’t remove the filters aggressively.

Also, notice the position of air filters that how they fit in the air conditioner. Because it’s very helpful at that time when you are placing the clean filters by removing the dirty filters.

After taking the filter apart from unit. You have to check any type of accumulation of dust particles on the filters. Remember that few systems using more than one air filters. So, in this case you to clean each filters one by one.

If your AC air filters contains dust or dirt particles, then continuously clean your air conditioner filters. After that put the air filters back in the air conditioners and resemble it. Then after few months check the air filters again.

So, if have to install new filters in you air conditioner no matter for cooling and heating purpose if you notice any dirt or dust particles or whole in the air filters.

Use Brush to clean the Air Filters:

Now, use the brush from the outside of the air filters. Also, you can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning all the dust and particles. You have to clean all the vents until you have your vacuum cleaner out.

Once you clean all the dust and particles from the air conditioner filters and you are satisfied with the cleanness properly then put the filters back in the unit. Always, set a reminder for the next month maintenance.

clean the air filters

Well, if you are not satisfied with the cleanness then you have to go to the next step for the better cleanness. I hope this step clean all the dust and dirty from the air conditioners filters.

Wash the air filters of the air conditioner:

If the user manual allows you to clean your air conditioner filters with the water, then you are able to put your air filter in the sink which is filled with water and leave it for an hour by applying vinegar in the water. Also, you can clean your filters with the warm water by applying little bit soap.

wash to clean the ac filters

After that rinse the air conditioner filters with the clean water in order to remove any residue.

Dry the air filters of air conditioner:

Before putting the air filters back in the air conditioner. Dry the air filters completely after cleaning then with the water. Leave them for at least for an hour. Because it prevents mould problems.

Well, after cleaning leave the air filters in the sun for completely dry. All you can do this before placing in the air conditioning unit.

Well, the air conditioner filters are completely dry and you placed them in the unit then you have to do one more thing. You have to note down or in other words record the date of the filers placing because this will help you in when you have to change or clean the air filters next time.

So, by following all such 6 steps, you are able to clean your air conditioner filters very easily and efficiently. So, improve your air conditioners health and cooling or heating by proper taking care of its maintenance. I recommend you to clean your air filters properly by yourself by applying all such techniques or call a professional for proper maintenance.

Well, sometimes the question appears on your mind that why we need to clean the air filters every month. Then, don’t worry about anything, I will tell you each and everything about why you need to clean the air filters of your air conditioner. Also, there are many issue like ac leaking water that’s why maintenance is necessary.

Why We Need to Clean the Air Conditioner filters?

Well, with proper maintenance your air conditioning unit become less effective and unable to perform its daily activities efficiently. Your air conditioner works harder just to provide you it’s necessary tasks. So, this thing increases your energy bills. Other important reason is, if you leave you the air conditioner filters unchecked then on the filters mould, dust and grime appears over time. So, all such things decrease the quality of air and thing is very dangerous for such peoples who are suffering from allergies. Also Read: How much does it cost to install central air?

If you are using the reusable filter or any filters, then you have to clean the air filters regularly after one month. Through this way you are able to get benefits like:

Improved quality of air:

When you are taking care of your air conditioner filters then there are no chances of growing mould, grime, bacteria which decreases the quality of air. Also, the people who are suffering from allergies are risk free because the quality air decreases the allergens from the air of the house.

Lower energy bills:

With the proper maintenance, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder in order to perform its basic tasks, through this way, you will see a major decrease in the energy bills. When your air conditioner is less efficient then it cost more instead of when the air conditioner is properly maintained.

Longer Life Span:

It’s necessary for you to understand when you have to clean the filters of an air conditioner because it depends on the several factors. When you are taking care of the air conditioner properly and its efficiency increases then the life span of ac unit increases. So, it’s very necessary to clean your air conditioner. Because the harder the unit works the quicker it can damage and overheated.

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When you have to clean the air conditioner filters?

Generally, you have to change the air filter after 30 to 90 days in order to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently and maintain the overall quality of air. Well, changing of filters depends on the size, location of the house and quality air filters which are using in the unit.

If you are having pets and few of them shows allergies, then it means your air filters become dirty and now you have to clean or replace the air filters of the ac unit.

Pro Tip: 

To check an air filter, hold it up to the light. If the light doesn’t pass through the filter, it’s dirty and needs to be changed.


Simply changing your air filter on a regular basis is one of the most crucial things you can do to take good care of your HVAC system on your own. In addition, a lot of homeowners neglect this work for months at a time, which can lead to high energy bills and possibly worse maintenance problems down the road. By changing the air conditioner filter, you can maintain the highest level of efficiency and clean indoor air quality. So, I hope this article helps you in order to know that how you can easily clean air conditioner filters by yourself.

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