Whole House Dehumidifiers-Is it right for you?

Basically, the whole house dehumidifiers balance the whole house humidity by decreasing mold and mildew which causing moisture in the house, its keeps your house protected against many harmful effects like allergy, asthma and many other symptoms etc. Dehumidifiers normally help to ensure integrity of your house encapsulated spaces just by controlling your house humidity.

whole house dehumidifiers

Are whole house dehumidifiers being necessary for the house?

Most and the humid air is not only bad or unpleasant; but it also causes various issues in the house. Dehumidifiers is very convenient device which lowers the humidity by decreasing the excess amount of moisture from the house inside air. Well, dehumidifiers help your air conditioners to work effectively and efficiently.

What is room dehumidifiers?

Basically, room dehumidifiers are the best and comes under the list of portable units whose work is to dehumidify only one room. Well, room dehumidifier is effective and best solution especially when problem related to humidity is localized. However, the room dehumidifiers use a large amount of energy and need to have the water which is extracted from your house atmosphere periodically emptied.

On the other side, whole house dehumidifiers dehumidify the whole house air just from the single unit. Well, whole house dehumidifiers have various advantages instead of room dehumidifiers.

But whole house dehumidifiers are not the best option for everyone. First, you have to learn about all the high humidity signs and the whole house dehumidifiers is best and effective solution for your house or not.

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What is whole house dehumidifiers?

Basically, whole house dehumidifiers decrease the humidity throughout your house. This device is added in the ductwork of your HVAC system or fixed as a single unit inside your basement. Well, whole house dehumidifiers keep the level of your humidity below 50%. According to Energy Star, the Ideal your humidity range between 30% – 50%.


Where whole house dehumidifiers are usually installed?

Dehumidifiers are normally installed in that places where people are not living like basements, attics and in crawl spaces.

How much does it cost to use a whole house dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers running cost usually depends on your unit wattage, running time and its electricity cost. Well, according to our authentic search it cost between 0.003 dollar to 0.016 dollars per hour. I suggest you to use cost calculator which gives you proper estimate.

How does a whole house dehumidifiers work?

The function of dehumidifiers is exactly similar to air conditioner. It pulls the humid air from returning ducts. The refrigerant which flowing through the evaporator coils of dehumidifiers absorbs the humidity from the air. The moist air directly condenses on evaporator coils and moisture moves away from your unit into the drain.

Next step, the air is passing over condenser evaporator coils and returning to the room temperature. Then a blower fan is used to take out the air from the unit.

Signs that you need whole house dehumidifiers:

Excess amount of moisture in the air of your house cause many serious problems. If you noticed such signs than you need a dehumidifier.

  • Windows or Door condensation.
  • Mold.
  • Musty odor.
  • Water stains.
  • Creaky floors, cabinets, doors and windows.

1- Windows or Door condensation:

When you find droplets of water on the doors and on windows, it happens when a large amount moisture is present in the air. Condensation appears when cool glass and damp air come into contact.

Condensation of windows mostly happens in the winters just because of major differences between the temperature of indoor and outdoor. If you are having dehumidifiers, then you can easily solve all your condensation problems by just turning down.

windows condensation

Condensation of Windows happens in summer is normally indicates the issue of humidity.

2- Mold:

Mold usually grows in damp or in dark environment like bathroom. If you find some dark green and black stains on the wall, windows and on ceilings than you are having a problem of mold. Well, mold can cause very serious allergies or respiratory issue and cause various health problems.

Mold issues

3- Musty odours:

Many soft surfaces like carpets, clothing, books contain moisture which is present in the air which increases the growth of mildew. Mildew creates musty smell which stays in your house air which lingers on the cloths after when you leave your house.

Musty odour

 4- Water stains:

Moisture creates condenses on the wall and on ceiling of the house especially in winters when your house exterior walls are colder than inner walls. If you see dark spots and peeling wall paint or wallpapers, or a damage drywall indicates the moisture issues from the roof leaks, pipe leakage and high level of humidity.

water stains

5- Creaky floors, cabinets, doors and windows:

Basically creaking from the structure of wood is very normal. If you see large amount creaking on the frames of doors, cabinets, floorboards and windows all these issues indicate that wood absorbed excessive amount of moisture. As a result, its expanded.

creaky floors, cabinets and woods

Pros and cons of whole house dehumidifiers:

Pros of whole house dehumidifiers:

Well, there are various benefits of using dehumidifiers:

  • Comfortable environments.
  • Better indoor quality of air.
  • Many allergies like mold and mildew etc.
  • It extends the life span of your HVAC system.

Comfortable Environments:

The main reason for using dehumidifiers is that it gives you comfortable environment in the house. Basically, humid air feels like warm, heavy and sticky. dehumidifiers supply dry air to every room of your house. Dehumidifier helps your air conditioner to cool the air of your house more rapidly and efficiently.

Better indoor quality of air:

Dehumidifiers clear out all the contaminants or allergens from the air of your house. It makes the air more breathable for the people who is suffering from allergies and with respiratory issues.

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Mildew, mold and many other allergens:

Mold and mildew or other various allergens thrive in the damp environment. While house Dehumidifiers decreases moisture from the air also it reduces the growth of mold spores.

Extend the life span of your HVAC system:

Dehumidifiers extent the average life span of the HVAC system just by sharing the burden. Your air conditioner cool, dehumidify and the filter the air

Dehumidifiers filters, basically dehumidify your house air before the air reaches towards the air conditioner. So, in result your HVAC system don’t work as hard as possible.

Cons of whole house dehumidifiers:

There are many advantages of dehumidifiers instead of dis-advantages but we cannot ignore the disadvantages.

  • Upfront investment.
  • Immobile.
  • Difficult installation.

Upfront investment:

Whole house dehumidifiers are very costly. Dehumidifiers cost and the installation cost of unit increase the total cost.


dehumidifiers are a device which you cannot take with you because it is fixed with the HVAC system. dehumidifiers increase the value of your house.

Difficult installation:

Dehumidifiers installed properly just to ensure that its having a proper connection with ductwork. If you do all things by yourself than its possible that you might damage the ductwork and increase its repairing cost.

What is the size of whole house dehumidifier and do I need it or not?

Whole house dehumidifier is used in such houses whose square feet is more than 4,400 sq. feet. Basically, capacity of humidifiers measured in pints of waters which is removed in 24 hours.

Your square footage of the house and that degree at which your home is sealed against the air leaks, its determine the ideal size of dehumidifier.

There are three types of air sealing for your houses:

Loosely sealed: It means old houses having old windows, old doors and poor insulation also cracks in foundations.

Tightly sealed: Houses which meet the building energy standard like LEED, passive house and Energy Star and also confirmed the 3 ACH50 air leakage or less.

Moderately sealed: It means new and renovated houses with good quality windows and doors, also with insulation and some cracks found in foundations.


Well, I want to tell you that whole house dehumidifier is not necessary for every house because its best for that houses who’s having excessive amount of moisture in air of the house. Ask yourself why your house air is so much humid? This is all just because of such issues like plumbing leaks which causes excessive amount of humidity. It’s important to find the leakage and fix that leakage to avoid further damage. Whole house humidifier is great for removing large amount of water from air, but its not able to solve all the moisture related issues.

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