What is the Ideal Humidity Level for Your House and How You Control It?

You have to know that What is the Ideal humidity level for the House and How easily you can control it? If you are facing issues regarding humidity. But it’s very uncommon in central Ohio many people used to add moisture in the winters. Sometimes even in the winters, I have to dehumidify myself.

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It’s not necessary that your problem is similar like my problem. Every house owner must have to pay attention to their house humidity levels. If you are not paying proper attention to humidity levels, then you must face many problems in future like itchy and dry skin and many allergies in the winters.

Well in this case, you must have a knowledge about these humidity problems. Many house owners didn’t even know about that they can increase comfort by just maintaining humidity level. So, for this purpose we are going to discuss this in the article. We will cover these thing such as:

  • What is humidity and why it matters a lot?
  •  How many problems it solves and creates.
  • What are the things you have to do to stay more comfortable in every season?
  • What your HVAC system have to do things with the moisture control.

Why level of humidity matters a lot in the HVAC?

Well when you are talking about humidity it’s mean you are talking about comfort because humidity is equal to comfort. If you don’t believe me then spend 15 minutes in sauna and then in the steam room, you would feel major differences in the temperature.

Well here your house is not a steam room and sauna, but if your house humidity level is getting out of your control, then you will feel like sauna or steam room. When we are considering indoor comfort, humidity level play important role in your house. You guys heard this term at any point “Dry heat” also how it is much bearable instead of “wet heat” environment of humid. It is completely true.

Normally your house with 72-degree temperature with high level of humidity you would feel uncomfortable and same in the winters you feel so much cold due to dry air.

Why not take action in response to this if you are already paying to heat and cool your home? What’s bad is that excessive or insufficient humidity might lead to other issues.

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Problems created by high level humidity:

Dust MitesThese can spread throughout your house and absorb ambient dampness. Spiders or other insects which prey on dust mites are attracted by them.
Mildew or moldThis problem occurs in many basements; it will go to other levels of your house if you show carelessness.  
Health or AllergiesYou won’t be able to breathe as readily if mold spores are in the air. It’s become worse, it may have an impact on your family’s health.
Hot air in upper floorsIf you feel very hot in your bedroom, it is the problem of humidity instead of room temperature. therefore the air in your home that  humid air starts ascend to the top.
Sleeping problemsThis problem occurs due to temperature or your room moisture which causes sweating while sleeping.

Problems created by low level humidity:

Dry WoodCracking in the woods of floor which damage your wooden infrastructure of house.
illnessHumidity at low level is the best environment for viruses or bacteria to grow.  It causes flu in the winters in various countries.
Skin or ThroatIn the months of colder winters are characterized by dry and cracked skin or also sore throats. They are not necessary.
Colder spots in the houseYour furnace, ductwork, and draughty windows may be to blame for this. But frequently, it has to do with dampness.

There are various other issues but here we talked only few issues which are most commonly faced by various house owners. Now let’s start how to fix these problems.

What is the ideal Level of humidity in the house?

Many experts agree on saying that humidity between 30% to 60% is normally acceptable for the environment of your house. If the humidity decrease or increased according to this percentage then it will cause many problems. It depends that on which place are you living or what your humidity level is. Your ideal level is on the upper or on the lower end point of the range.

Well, there’s not any authority who decides that which humidity level is best for you. But the experts related to air quality agree on that acceptable range of humidity level. Well experts suggest that the ideal level at 40% and other some expert

ideal humidity level

who is dealing in HVAC products suggest 50%. Both experts are right in this case, because both the levels of humidity come under the range which is acceptable for the house.

Let’s discuss an example, as you know we discussed dust mites before in the article. Dust mites exist in the house at 50% or above this humidity level. Even at levels exceeding 60%, a greater number of these will be able to thrive.

If the level of humidity stays below 40% then it keeps the viruses alive in your house. Well, it’s true as you can judge that how corona virus damage the world in 2020.

So that is why level of humidity play a vital role in the house.

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Management of the Humidity in Summer:

Here in Central Ohio, the summers may be exceedingly humid. If you are enjoying your life in south eastern part of a country, then this will be more true. Some people thinks that if you buy dehumidifiers then you will be able to control issue regarding humidity.

Yes, you can handle but this is acceptable in normal cases. Most of the time, these devices like dehumidifiers is used to reduce level of humidity in the single room. It might help you in the night for better sleeping.

Example: but it is not able to take action about the allergies and dust mites or issue like mold all this happens if you leave the things of the house. So, how we can solve this issue?

The solution regarding this issue is whole home dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers regulate the humidity of your whole house and it works with the HVAC system.

The other important thing is keeps your humidity at low level and don’t cool your house as much as possible, saving the cost of your cooling in the summer. Whole-house dehumidifier has an initial expense, and some consumers find it difficult to understand its advantages.

If the humidity is the problem, then you are playing with the health and comfortness, additionally running the danger of later needing mold eradication. The danger is not worth full while if such issues worry you.

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Management of the Humidity in Winter:

Your whole house dehumidifiers will be fixed with HVAC system or it will be standalone and the whole home dehumidifiers will directly in the system. When your systems fans will be turned on then it spreads moisture all over your house and prevent it from becoming dry.

Are you really need to decrease the risk of flu? Then keep the level of your humidity high. Also, how you avoid to take loan just for buying good quality skin moisturizer in winters? Just keep the level of your humidity up.

Individual units in the departmental stores is a good source just for single room. Occasionally, through this you are able to sleep better. But by doing this you are ignoring all your house especially where you are spending most of the time of your life.

When You No Longer Require These Items:

Let’s take an example, you are living in Arizona and there is not too much humidity. Well, in this case you don’t need dehumidifiers for the house. Also, if you are living on coast and it is frequently muggy then you don’t need humidifiers for the house also. Or the house is fully insulated and there is no basement. Also, you never ever saw days with high humidity then already you are going good.

But many people are facing such issues which will be a main issue for them. You would be neglecting your own health if you ignored it.  

Now the important point is that how will you learn that your humidity level is ok or not? So, keep scrolling. You will find learn how you will track the level of humidity of your house. By doing this you can optimize your house comfort easily.

humidity control setup

How the Air Conditioner controls the humidity of the house?

Wait. What is the relation between air conditioners and humidity control? It comes out much.

One of the important function of the air conditioner is that it absorbs the humidity from your house and release it to outside of the house. Few air conditioning units works efficiently in absorbing and releasing humidity.

Well the main question arises here that why all the air conditioners are not created equally. In this matter air conditioner with variable speed is much better instead of single or two stage air conditioners. Because all these a/c dehumidify while it operating on the setting of lower power. Here is an example:

If you want your house at the degree of 72 with 45 percent humidity. Through air conditioner you will maintain temperature at degree of 72 but here your house humidity at 53% still. Now, in this situation you need to remove moisture but without making coldness in the house. So, what is the solution?

humidity level control

There would be no any solution when we are discussing single stage air conditioner. At the very least, there’s none without a whole house dehumidifier. More moisture removal would also result in a colder environment because the a/c must be turned on or off completely.

But the variable speed air conditioner works even better in less than 40% capacity which will give you the better stream of colder air. Also, it’s frequently remove the moisture during this operation.

More advance system works even more better and run longer. It consumes less energy because it works at very low power and by doing this process it will make your house more comfortable.

Well, this is not the right solution every time. There will be no enough kind of air conditioner for the humid house. You will use dehumidifier as a second option for humid house. You are having variety of options with A/c units, so you can approach the same issue in many ways.

Track your humidity:

How you will check that your level of humidity comes under in eligible range. In many houses there is no way to track your humidity. But there is some option available, so let’s talk about that few options.


It is a device which is designed in a way which is used to monitor the level of humidity in the space. Advance humidistat comes in digital form.

Dehumidifier and humidifier:

If the dehumidifiers are placed in the basement which is basically the best place for dehumidifiers. Or your humidifiers are placed in the closet with furnace. It is measuring the level of humidity in room. Also you have to optimize the humidifier for the most frequently used place like living room, just to get more comfort.

So ensure with your HVAC professional that these devices will work with your HVAC system or not. Check you are also having thermostat through which you are to detect level of humidity. If these devices not connected properly it will optimize that places or areas of your house where people never visit.

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Control your house comfort:

Many house owners are not even think about humidity, just they are thinking about Heating/ cooling. Many times you are struggling with the problems which we are discussed in this article. But it is hard to get someone who knows that such problem will be diminished with the solution of HVAC.

If your HVAC professional not taking proper action on your described issue, then it means that your HVAC professional is not doing job well enough. Because HVAC plays an important role in maintaining your house environment better in which you can easily enjoying your life.

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